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Your door is an essential part of your home, office, or storefront because it adds curb appeal and protection against the outside world. If you’re experiencing door-related problems or found broken parts on your door, contact us immediately so that we can check your situation and solve your problems. Wherever you are in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, we are the best professionals to contact.

A+ Doors NYC takes pride in our highly-trained door specialists who can efficiently tackle all types of door projects in NYC. We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week to answer your inquiries and concerns anytime.

Our mobile emergency service is ready to do any door repair and installation anywhere in NYC. A+ Doors NYC has experienced, skilled, and specialized technicians that will examine the current condition of your doors and recommend the best solution for you.

Simply give us a short call anytime.

Door Repair Specialists

A+ Doors NYC takes pride in the skills and passion of our technicians in conquering all kinds of door problems for commercial and residential properties. We train our associates and staff daily so we can deliver our promises for your top-notch door repair and installation.

When your wooden or aluminum doors squeak as it opens, our technicians can quickly address that in our first visit. Whether you have a manual or automatic door, A+ Doors NYC is confident and competent in resolving all your door-related issues.

Our clients call us for a variety of door and part concerns in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Most of these concerns include decaying door frames, hinges, sliding tracks, doorknobs, lever handles, door closers, panic exits, and more.

If you want to save yourself from the expensive cost of replacing your doors, it is best to hire our highly trained door specialists for our affordable door repair and maintenance services.

If you need a free estimate for your door repair and installation in NYC, call us.

Door Installation Experts

Are you looking for a professional door installation service at a very reasonable price? Look no further, as A+ Doors NYC can be your best door repair and installation service provider! Do you need to install an interior or exterior door for your residence, storefront, or office? We got you covered at round the clock basis. Our licensed and bonded door specialists perform door repairs, maintenance, and installation that abides with the building code of the state. We can give you the option of installing pre-made doors, semi-customized, or fully customized ones that meet your criteria. Are you confused about whether to install a manual or automatic door in your home or workplace? Our well-trained door technicians can help you out! Just give us a call, so we can have an ocular visit to your place. After our evaluation, we shall tell you the most suitable door material and type for your home and business establishment. A+ Doors NYC is 24/7 ready and trained in installing various kinds of doors that include, but are not limited to the following: fire-proof doors, panic bar exits, storefront doors, wooden, aluminum, sliding glass, warehouse doors, and different types of automatic doors. For your highly responsive and adaptive door repair and installation in NYC, get in touch with us.

Doors NYC - Around The Clock Emergency Services

No matter how expensive and fancy are the doors in your house and business buildings, unpredictable things can still happen. Anytime, one or two parts of your door can break down. When this happens, you are exposed to the risk of intruders and burglars from entering your premises.

In case your internal or external doors stick and stop working, you can reach us out A+ Doors NYC. Our 24/7 mobile van service carries tools and supplies to provide adaptive and accurate door repair and installation anywhere in NYC on our first visit.

We service the area of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Our Door Repair & Installation Services

Our well-trained and friendly door specialists will thoroughly inspect your door problems before applying the best solution. We can install custom-made and pre-made doors that fit your needs and finances.

We repair and install doors made from different materials such as wood, glass, aluminum, alloy, and a combination of the materials mentioned. Likewise, we got you covered if you like a manual or automatic door for your home and office.

A+ Doors NYC consistently abides with the building code of the state when it comes to any type of door repair and installation anywhere in NYC and its surrounding areas.

  • Commercial Door Repair & Installation

The commercial doors in your store, building, and office provide both aesthetics and protection. You can never undermine the function of a nicely designed and durable office or storefront door. Why? Because it provides the first impression of your reputation and financial status in the business.

A+ Doors NYC is the door expert that you can rely on when you want to have a strong and stylish office store. We can repair and install an array of door styles such as storefront doors, fire-proof doors, roll-up, wooden, and glass doors. Likewise, all our doors are made from premium materials with excellent resistance against corrosion.

We provide custom-fit door installation solutions in the areas of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We shall match up your door quality with your security needs and budget.

  • Hollow metal and wooden doors: These door styles are preferable for small retail stores and start-ups. Our technicians shall carefully check all movable and stationary parts of these doors to know the problem.
  • Roll-up and overhead doors: These doors are good for warehouses and production sites. We have the right skills and knowledge in repairing and installing roll-up doors in buildings.
  • Glass and Aluminum doors: These door styles, especially the automatic ones, are often used in shopping malls, high-end buildings, and stores. It provides an easy and accurate door operation. Our trained associates shall inspect the parts of your door, that includes hinges, pivots, door handles, door closers, and lock mechanism.
  • Fire-rated doors: These door types are used in manufacturing sites or the emergency door exits for safety purposes. We shall install a durable one that fully meets the building code of your area.
  • Automatic Balanced doors: These door styles are typically seen in high-end hotels and buildings. It provides a quick and easy-to-open door system.
  • Automatic Glass Sliding doors: These modern doors are usually used in shopping malls and almost all types of business establishments. If you have a concern with your glass sliding door, we shall inspect its tracks, sensor, door frame, and other moving parts.
  • Automatic Swing doors: We shall check on the various parts of your swing doors. These parts include hinges, pivots, lever handles, lock mechanisms, and door frames.


  • Residential Door Repair & Installation

A+ Doors NYC offers a fair price for our top-quality residential door installation, repair, and replacement anywhere in New York City and its surrounding areas. When it comes to your cost-efficient interior and exterior home doors, the go-to choice is a wooden door.

However, we are always adaptive and understanding with your needs and budget for house doors. Aside from wood, we can also install pre-made or customized home doors made from fiberglass, glass, steel, aluminum, and a combination of materials.

In our warehouse, we have hundreds of residential doors with various specs that can match your needs. If you do not need to install a new door, our technicians can do well in restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your current doors.

Our door customization skills can efficiently fit with your chosen door handles, window panes, peepholes, and mail slots. All the doors we have repaired and installed in the area have met the standards and certification of the state.

  • Door Closers repair

A door has many parts that you need to be familiar with and maintain to keep its normal function. The door closer is one of the most undermined parts. This simple device ensures your door is properly closed even when you are in a hurry.

All door closer repair and installation services we do complies with OSHA and the building code of the state. We have various supply and style of door closers in our warehouse that can pair up with your door style.

If you do not have the right experience and knowledge of choosing the best door closer, our licensed technicians shall help you with it. We will choose a good door closer that is suitable for the amount of foot traffic inside your residence and office.

A+ Doors NYC has all the right tools and products that you can choose from for you to complete your doors. Our technicians will be able to help you choose, install, and complete your house doors in no time.

  • Door closers installation

For better results and lesser headaches on your part, you can let our licensed door experts choose the most suitable door closer style for your home and building. Rest assured, we guarantee that all door closers we install in the area have passed the certification of the state.

Here are some of the common types of door closers we install for our customers:

  • Overhead door closers: These are the most common style installed for homes and business offices. Most overhead door closers have a smooth chrome-plated finish. We can choose a style and finish that matches your current door style.
  • Concealed door closers: This style seems to camouflage with the rest of your door frame and door. For it to be highly efficient, it has to have a recessed unit. These door closers can either be operated with a spring or hydraulic system.
  • Heavy-duty Floor closers: We install floor closers when you have high foot traffic in your doors. Our technicians will install them into a cement case, then a cover plate will enclose it.
  • Top Jamb: This door closer is intended for more fragile door materials like glass and aluminum. It works the same way as a parallel arm without damaging your door frame and surfaces.
  • Parallel Arm: Our technicians will install this closer on the push side of your door, where the arm is parallel to the door frame. In terms of power, it is slightly lower compared to top jambs and regular arm closers.


  • Hinges

Our technicians will also help you choose the right hinge for your interior and exterior doors. Some of the practical things you need to consider for an excellent hinge include material, style, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, movable angle range, and cost.

Here are the different types of hinges we install in the area:

  • Butt hinge: This is also known as the Mortise hinge where it has three holes mortised into the door frame.
  • Barrel hinge: This hinge style is easy to install and uses a barrel to join the door and the door frame. This is commonly used for gates.
  • Piano hinges: These are also called continuous hinges with a design similar to a piano flat edge.
  • Butterfly hinges: This hinge has a butterfly shape, and is commonly used for boxes and furniture.
  • Flush hinges: These work similarly like the butt hinge but take up less space. We often use this hinge style for light purposes such as for cabinet doors, cupboards, and furniture.
  • Pivot hinges: These are concealed hinges that do not block the door’s opening either at both sides. We have available stocks of pivot hinges for light and heavy-duty works. For the installation, you’ll need one section mounted on the top while the other part at the bottom of the door.
  • Spring hinges: It acts as a mini door closer which pulls back your door in its original close position.
  • Gate hinges: These are the wide and large hinges installed in your gates. Similar to a spring hinge, it also pulls back your door in its close original position.


  • Panic And Fire Exit Devices

It is a must that you need to install durable and quality panic devices and exit bars in your commercial building and offices. A+ Doors NYC offers a cost-efficient service for the installation of your panic and fire exit devices which meets OSHA and the state’s standards.

We install some of the most popular panic devices that include the rim, crossbar, touchpad style, recessed panic hardware, and Mortise panic hardware. For you to know which one fits best for your office, building, or store, you can call our office now.

  • Commercial Locks

When it comes to securing your store and offices, a high-quality commercial lock would serve best. A+ Doors NYC offers Grade 1, 2, and 3 commercial locks that fit best for your security needs.

Our lock experts must first take a look at your place so we can make a sound judgment and analysis of what lock would be best to protect your place. To make sure we only give the best locks, we only use the known brands that include Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Medeco, Yale, Baldwin, and more.

  • Door Handles

There are different kinds of door handles that we can install and repair in both commercial and residential settings. It is never true that all door handles are the same and of equal strength. It is tricky to find the right door handle that fits best with your door.

Luckily, you can always call us A+ Doors NYC for our expertise in helping you install and repair the door handles on your premises. We are ready 24/7 to serve you anywhere in New York City.

Our licensed and bonded door locksmiths will use their full experience and training in resolving your door problems in our first visit.

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