Top Jamb closers

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What is a Top Jamb door closer?

Technically, it works the same way as a regular arm closer but is more designed to handle delicate doors made from glass and aluminum. We usually mount this closer on the top rail portion of your door. It is a good fit for your doors with a narrow top rail.

Unlike the regular arm closer, this one is mounted on the push side. Most of its parts are made from quality and soft material that helps your storefront glass and aluminum open and close properly.

A+ Doors NYC has a variety of top jamb closers that can pair up with your door style and lift the curb appeal of your place. We are 24/7 ready to service your doors and closer requirements in New York.

How to choose the right door closer?

If you are a newcomer to choosing the best door closer for your storefront glass doors or wooden doors, then our seasoned door experts will help you. We consider plenty of variables before installing the right door closer to our clients.

Here are the important things you need to look into a quality door closer:

  • Door style: If you are having a glass or aluminum door, then choosing a top jamb closer would be ideal. When selecting a closer, make sure to consider your door because it is where you are going to mount it.
  • Latch Speed: This is how fast your door closes when it approaches the door frame. Ideally, you find a closer that has an adjustable latch and sweep speed. This will prevent door slamming when you need to decrease latch and sweep speed.
  • Appearance: If you want a sleek and modern appeal, then you can go for a concealed door closer. However, even if not concealed, choosing a door closer that has a parallel finish with your door and frame is highly recommended. This will create a seamless and professional appeal in your door.
  • Door Usage and Weight: When your door is frequently used in a day, you need to pair that up with a durable door closer. The same thing goes when your door is heavy, your door closer must be sturdy and strong to pull your door close. Door closers have three grade levels depending on its efficiency and life span. Grade 1 and 2  closers have an efficiency rate of 60%, with a life span of 2,000,000 cycles and 1,000,000 cycles, respectively.
  • Price: The cost of installing a closer in your door is relative to its quality. Oftentimes, quality is directly proportional to quality. If you want a high-quality top jamb closer for your storefront glass, then you need to be ready to pay for its corresponding price.
  • Warranty: To ensure your satisfaction, most door closers come with specific warranty service. To have a better assurance with its durability and functionality, it is best to lean on professionals. A+ Doors NYC is one of your leading local door closer installers in New York.

We supply, repair and install Top Jamb door closers

We have a team of door technicians that specializes in fixing and installing the top jamb and other types of door closers. Our technicians will do a step-by-step inspection of the working units of your door closer to diagnose the problem.

Below are some of the common concerns we settle in New York for their door and closer requirements.

    • Mismatch door and door closer
    • Misalignment of the door
    • Destroyed door frames
    • Noisy door swinging
    • Door seals are leaking
    • Loose closer arm
    • The door does not completely close or open
    • Door slams before closing
    • Speed adjustment of the closer

Do you have a door made of wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or glass? Worry not, for we have a collection of door closers and top jamb that can blend well with your door style. By leaning on professionals, you are eliminating guesswork and mismatch between your door and closer.

We have been in this industry for more than a decade, and we take pride that all our clients were very satisfied with our services. Meanwhile, we have the proper tools and equipment required to effectively fix, install, and adjust your door closers and top jamb.

All the top jamb door closers we will install in your homes, stores, and offices comply with the specifications of ANSI and BHMA. Likewise, we always consider the ADA standards and your building code before installation.

Quality 24/7 service

In New York City, we receive a lot of calls coming from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens regarding their squeaking top jamb and door closers. There are even times that the calls came in the middle of the night. Luckily, A+ Doors NYC is around the clock available to serve you.

We are 100% motivated and passionate about helping homeowners and business establishments secure their places by installing world-class top jamb door closers. All our door closers come from the most trustworthy manufacturers in the industry, that include CRL Jackson, Corbin Russwin, LCN, Dorma, and more.

Just call us immediately for your urgent need of fixing or installing door closers in New York.

Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians

Will you simply let a stranger get inside your store or home to fix your top jamb without verifying them? Opportunistic criminals nowadays can hide in any identity, even as your local repairman.

For your safety, it is always best to only hire those licensed and bonded door repair and installation NYC companies near you. A+ Doors NYC is one of the go-to choices when it comes to professional repair and installation of doors and closers.

All our door techs are licensed and insured to work in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Save our number and call us immediately for assistance.

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