Surface Mounted Door Closers

If your surface mounted door closers are broken or squeaking, then it is about time you call a professional to have it check for repairs. However, if the problem is beyond repair already, then you need to install a new door closer to your office or home.

In that case, A+ Doors NYC can be your most trusted door repair and installation NYC to install new surface mounted closers in your premises. No matter what closer specs you need, we have a variety of stocks instill for you.

We service the area of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn for their need of installing high-quality door closers to bring their business to operate smoothly again. We are never expensive and late in our appointments and emergency calls.

All our doors and closers have complied with the strict standards of ANSI, BHMA, and ADA. Moreover, we will first ask your building engineer for the building code so we can install an appropriate closer for your doors.

What are Surface Mounted door closers?

These door closers are the most commonly used in houses, apartments, offices, and retail stores. It is a typical choice because of its versatile application and budget-friendly price. We offer a variety of surface-mounted door closers, that includes regular arm, parallel-arm, track arm, and top jamb.

The current models of surface mounted closers have excellent upgrades in its features. From a potbelly design, it has gone to a sleeker appearance for modern doors. Meanwhile, other admirable new features of door closers today include aluminum finish, weatherstripping, anti-corrosion coat, backswing adjustments, track arm, and variable strengths.

If you are confused about what kind of closer to installing in your home or office, our trained and friendly door technicians will help you out. A+ Doors NYC is highly accessible 24 hours and 7 days a week to offer you cost-effective solutions for your door closer issues.

Our licensed and bonded door experts will offer their top-notch service in installing or fixing your surface mounted door closers. For you to know more about our best deals, get in touch with us today.

Advantages of Surface Mounted door closers

Several of our previous customers would opt for this door closer because of its flexible application and economical price. Besides that, we have plenty of stocks with various finishes and styles to cater to the different needs of our prospective customers.

We will inspect your door specs and see how often you are using it to install the right grade of the door closer. There are three grades of the door closer out there, namely Grade 1, 2, and 3. Grade 1 closers are engineered for heavy-duty use, while Grade 3 is for light to medium-level door usage.

Here are the other benefits of installing a door closer in your doors:

    • Reduces the quick spread of fire and smoke
    • Increase the security features of your doors
    • Avoids door slamming which can destroy your hinges, pivots, and door frame
    • Ensures your doors are completely closed after opening

A+ Doors NYC will 100% guarantee that the surface mounted door closers we are installing in your stores, offices, apartments, clinics, and houses are stylish and durable. It will not just ensure the smooth closing and opening of your doors, but will also lift the curb appeal of your premises.

All stocks of door closers in our van and warehouse have impeccable coating against weather elements and corrosion. For a reasonable cost, you can bring back the aesthetics and functionality of your interior and exterior doors in NYC. For booking your appointments, you can call our hotline right away.

We offer Surface Mounted door closers Installation and repair

With the available options of surface mounted closers and features, you need to consider, choosing the best one would be a daunting task. If you want it to be more convenient, you can always lean on us A+ Doors NYC.

Our more than a decade of experience and continued training proved great in meeting the demands of our clients in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. We never failed a single customer in their need of installing a quality and elegant surface-mounted closer.

We cater to a variety of surface mounted closers in the area, all of which are meticulously handpicked to meet your expectations. Below are the main types of these closers we fix and install in NYC.

    • Regular Arm: This closer is mounted on the top portion of your door, specifically on the pull side. The closer arm is installed at the door frame, where it is at the right angle with the door.
    • Parallel Arm: Similar to the regular arm, but the closer body is mounted on the push side. Its closer arm is still attached on the frame face, oriented in a parallel direction as the door frame and door.
    • Top jamb: This one is like a hybrid of the first two closer styles mentioned. Its closer body is mounted at the top section push side of the door. Meanwhile, its closer arm is parallel to the door and attached to the door frame.
    • Track Arm Closer: This type can be installed on either the pull or push side of your doors. One of its main advantages would be its versatility in its installation process. Overall, it helps the proper closing and opening of your doors without the slamming impact.

24H emergency services

We understand your anxieties about the instances where your doors and closers can break down at any given instance. This is a critical problem because it can deter the operation inside your office and home.

Considering this pressing matter, we at A+ Doors NYC have decided to operate 24 hours and 7 days a week. We have multiple mobile vans in various areas in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn that are on standby, waiting for any emergency calls.

You can directly call our hotline in case you need immediate assistance in fixing or installing new door closers in your storefront, office, clinics, apartment, and house. We will be there in your location in 15 to 30 minutes.

Fast response

We are never late in all our appointments and during emergencies in NYC. We are the most responsive local door repair and installation NYC service provider in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Expect us to be there at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less! Call Us!

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