Wood Door Repair

When it comes to the security of your house, apartment, and office in New York, your doors and gates come in first. If suddenly there is a problem with your doors and parts, A+ Doors NYC is the right one to call.

We have been servicing the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn for their wood door repair NYC needs for many years. Our mobile door repair team will reach your location in 15 to 30 minutes.

Our door associates are highly trained and experienced when it comes to all sorts of door repair and installation NYC services. If you need an emergency door tech to fix your broken wooden doors, we will be there on time.

What is Wood Door

These door styles are popularly used for interior and exterior doors of residential units. Some stores and offices in New York are also using wooden interior doors because of its versatility, easy installation, and affordable price.

Our door associates have undergone rigid training to ensure accurate wood repair NYC service. We can effectively repair and install different wooden door styles, that include solid wood, hollow-core doors, and solid-core wood doors. Below are further descriptions regarding each type of wood door.

  • Solid Wood Doors

These door styles are all made from natural wood, and their construction type can either be a single slab or a frame-and-panel wooden door. Its solid construction proved essential as your exterior or interior doors.

You can also expect excellent soundproofing properties for a solid wood door because of its construction. Softwoods have lower sound absorption properties compared to hardwoods. Meanwhile, its setbacks include a higher price and chance of warping.

  • Hollow-core wood doors

If you want a more affordable residential wood door, then this is a good choice. It has a honeycombed core where multiple fiberboards or wood veneers are layered on top to exude a rigid sense.

We usually install these door styles for the interior doors of your home and offices. It is easy to install, repair, and maintain. Likewise, its lighter weight suits well for our varied collections of interior door hinges. Compared to solid wood doors, hollow-core types have a lesser chance of warping.

  • Solid-core wood doors

This wooden door style is a hybrid between a hollow-core and a solid wood. The core of this door is made from engineered natural woods with overlapping wood veneers. It will have a more durable structure than a hollow-core, so you can use that as your interior and exterior doors.

It is also fairly affordable than solid doors with better soundproofing and fire resistance than your hollow-core doors. Our experienced door technicians have the proper training and expertise to repair and install solid-core wooden doors. In our showroom, we can show multiple styles of these doors that meet your needs.

Residential wooden doors can be either made from softwood or hardwood. Softwood doors are typically made from pines; whereas, hardwood doors are made from maple and oak.

We at A+ Doors NYC can customize your residential wooden doors at a very reasonable price that meets all your specifications.

What Does Wood Door Used For

There is an endless option for you to use your wooden doors, and it all depends on its durability and style. Wooden doors can be practically installed as your interior and exterior doors.

Exterior doors must be made from solid wood or natural wood veneers for its core. In contrast, interior doors can have hollow cores that are covered with fiberboard and plastic. Your exterior doors must be wide, heavy, and durable to withstand weather elements and pounds of force.

You can also use wooden doors for your furniture, lift door panels, and cabinet doors. These door styles must be lightweight and smaller compared to your external doors. If you experience any broken door parts or damages in your door frame, A+ Doors NYC can fix it in our first visit.

We Offer Quality Services

A+ Doors NYC offers a full range of wood door repair and installation NYC services. Our well-trained door personnel will do a complete inspection with your malfunctioning wood doors. We are going to take a look at the static and moving parts of your door to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Some of the common wood door problems we encounter include:

  • Noisy hinges
  • Sticky doors
  • Broken latch mechanism
  • Broken strike plate
  • Loose screws in the hinge leaves
  • Loose door handles
  • Broken door closers

All these wood door malfunctions will be effectively addressed with our door specialists. We have the proper tools and experience to accurately diagnose and fix your door-related concerns on the spot.

Immediate response

We are highly responsive when it comes to fixing all your concerns with your wood doors in New York. All you have to do is call our hotline, and our customer personnel will gather the initial details of your concern.

After, our mobile van will drive to your location and be there in 30 minutes or less. We are never late in all our appointments and emergency calls. No matter where you are in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, A+ Doors NYC is around the clock ready to serve you.

Competitive rates

We understand that you are paying a lot of bills every month, so we are offering all our WOOD door repair and installation NYC at an affordable price. Hiring a professional door tech will never be a problem in New York because A+ Doors NYC is here for you.

Avail our free online estimate so you can budget ahead of time for installing new residential wooden doors in New York. All our products and services are priced reasonably to suit your tight budget.

Call us immediately for assistance.

Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians

Will you just allow any technician to go inside your residence without ensuring if they are legit? A lot of opportunistic criminals are disguising as door techs in New York. Consequently, you need to check if they have the license and insurance to work as your local door repair and installation NYC.

At A+ Doors NYC, we only hire licensed and insured technicians to be part of our team. With us, you are safe and confident that your wood repair requirements are well-taken care of.

Call us today.