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Get the most durable and stylish door closer to fit the appeal of your office and home with the help of our seasoned door technicians. A+ Doors NYC is your one-stop-shop for all types of door closers, door parts, and accessories.

Our door repair and installation NYC services cover the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We are going to help you improve the aesthetics and security of your doors and closers to open numerous opportunities for your business.

What are Overhead Closers?

Overhead door closers are the usual types you see in offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, clinics, and apartments in New York City. This closer is installed on top of your door, where the closer body is mounted on the door face, while the closer arm is on the door frame.

Like other closer types, this one helps in safely and efficiently opening and closing your doors. Our door specialists know the essential steps in making sure your overhead door closers are properly installed and repaired.

We have a lot of stocks in our warehouse and van. It comes at various materials and finishes so you can freely choose which one best fits your door and door frame. In terms of security, door closers usually have three levels (Grade 1,2,3). A Grade 1 closer offers top of the line security and durability. In contrast, a Grade 3 closer is good for doors with lesser usage or foot traffic.

A+ Doors NYC is your most trusted, licensed, and bonded door expert in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our door associates shall help you choose the right finish of overhead closer to boosting the appeal of your office and retail store.

How many types of door closers are there?

Currently, there are more than eight door closer types in the industry and the overhead door closer is one of them. Making a good choice for your door closer is a daunting task because you have to consider aesthetics and functionality.

Here are the other types of door closers used in residential and commercial buildings in New York City.

    • Concealed door closers
    • Top jamb
    • Parallel arm
    • Regular arm
    • Floor door closers
    • Hydraulic closers
    • Spring closers
    • Surface-mounted closer

Whether you want an overhead door closer or other types, our well-versed door specialists shall come to your aid in just one call. All door closers we install in New York have complied with ADA, OSHA, and the code in your building.

This means, our door closers are made from the finest and strongest steel, aluminum, and other metal which effectively resist corrosion and breakage. Likewise, it works seamlessly to offer energy-efficient operation, especially for handicapped doors.

Do you need a Hold Open Arm in your office or store? A+ Doors NYC can readily get into your place and give you the right specs of a Hold Open closer to meet your demands. Our friendly door experts have intensive knowledge and skills in installing, fixing, and maintaining the smooth operation of your overhead door closers.

If you need technical assistance regarding your overhead door closers in NYC, be sure to call us instantly. Our mobile team will be there in your location in 15 to 30 minutes.

We Offer Quality Overhead Door Closers Installation and repair

Door closers are one of the prime parts of your doors which affect its performance and security. When your closers are all rustic and clunky, there is a huge chance that it can break down at any given moment.

When we install your overhead door closers, we make sure it complements the style of your door and door frame. It must give a holistic and attractive appeal to your prospective clients and guests about the excellent reputation of your business.

Overhead door closers can be made from a variety of material that is most resilient with environmental elements and pounds of force. Closers made from stainless steel and aluminum are the go-to choice among our clients because of its corrosion resistance.

In terms of finish, the go-to choice is the chrome-plated or stainless steel finish. It can seamlessly pair up with doors made of wood, steel, and glass. Further, your overhead closer can also be operated using a torsion spring or hydraulic-driven.

Overhead closer operated by torsion spring is the common choice because it is easy to maintain and comes at a more economical cost. Choosing an appropriate door closer to your office or store is not just about beauty and appeal.

You also need to consider how often your door is used in a day. Why? Because if your door is heavily used, then we need to install an overhead closer with a powerful torsion spring.

When it comes to spring sizes, you have six choices at hand, and our trained door specialists will help you find the right one for your needs. Size #1 (closing force of 2 pounds) torsion spring is the weakest, while Size #6 (closing force of 14 pounds) is the strongest one.

All these complexities when you are selecting the perfect overhead closer will be efficiently reduced when you have a door specialist to lean on. Luckily, A+ Doors NYC is your licensed and bonded door repair and installation NYC to rely on.

Call us today for any inquiries regarding our overhead door closer installation service.

24H emergency services

There is a great possibility that you will need a professional to fix or install an appropriate overhead door closer to your office and building in NYC. Fortunately, A+ Doors NYC is 24/7 ready to be your local door repair and installation NYC service.

Our mobile team is always on standby, quietly waiting until an emergency call hits our phone. Once we got the details of your concern, our van will be there in your place in 30 minutes or less.

Our 24/7 emergency service is available at any times and days of the week without being heavy on your pocket. Call now for your door repair and installation needs.

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed

We are 100% committed and goal-oriented to meet your demands and specifications suitable for your entry door and frame. Our well-trained door technicians will carefully examine your doors before installing the right specs of overhead closer.

We never rush things and do guesswork in our services. All door fixing and closer installations we perform highly abide by the standards imposed by OSHA, ADA, and the building code in your area.

Likewise, all our products and services come with warranty coverage to ensure your satisfaction.

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