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Door hinges play an important role in keeping your doors open and close seamlessly. If you have not found a replacement for your broken hinges, then call us for technical assistance.

Our mobile van is loaded with many types of hinges suitable for your interior and exterior doors. We also have hinges for your cabinets and furniture. The expertise and experience of our door technicians will greatly help you find the right hinge for the door style in your office and homes.

All our door parts and accessories are backed with warranty service, to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We are highly available 24/7 to fix or install brand new hinges in your residential and commercial establishments.

Our Repair and installation services

A+ Doors NYC has been in this industry for more than a decade, serving many households and business buildings in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. We clearly understand that you need a stylish door with impressive security features. Luckily, we are here day and night to resolve all your doors and hinge concerns.

When you have an elegant door that works properly, you will leave an excellent impression on your guests and clients. Likewise, you can never undermine the accessories and parts making up your door’s operation. Why? Because it contributes to the life and functionality of your doors.

Your hinges, closers, door handles, and other door parts must be as good as the door itself. With that, you are 100% confident that your doors will stand the test of time.

Parts of a Door Hinge

We encounter some clients who do not have a single idea about the parts of a door hinge. Truth to be told, you need to know these parts so you can better understand how your door hinges work. Likewise, it helps you choose which hinge fits best for your door material and style.

Before we move forward in discussing the many types of door hinges, let us first cover the main parts of a hinge.

  • Sleeves: These are the round sections comprising the knuckle. The pin passes through the inside circumference of the sleeve and holds it in place.
  • Knuckle: This is the cylindrical middle section of a hinge. It is solely responsible for the movement of the hinge. The knuckle also serves as the spot where the leaves meet.
  • Leaf: A hinge has two leaves or wings. These are flat metal sheets with screw holes on both faces. One leaf is screwed to the door, while the other to the door frame.
  • Pin: It is a solid cylindrical metal rod which passes through the knuckle. It joins the two leaves together, making it possible for your door to open and close.

Exterior Door Hinges:

In choosing your exterior door hinges, you need to consider durability over aesthetics. The durability and security features of your exterior door hinge must be as great as your exterior door. Why? Because it has to withstand the harsh natural elements outside which induces corrosion, thereby, speeding up the wear and tear process.

Further, this hinge type must have impeccable resistance from pounds of force to deter break-ins. If you want to guarantee 100% quality exterior door hinge, you can call us anytime.

  • Butt Hinge

This is the most versatile hinge type that is widely used in residential and commercial establishments. It has two identical leaves: one is screwed to your door, while the other to the door frame.

Butt hinges are commonly used because of its capacity to support a variety of door weight. You can see these in your bathroom doors, kitchen, basement doors, and even in your exterior doors.

Further, there are three subtypes of butt hinge in the market:

  • Lift-joint butt hinges: This one is easy to install in your doors. Likewise, you just need to remove the center pin, to remove the door from the door frame.
  • Rising butt hinges: When your door is installed on an uneven floor, this type is suitable to use.
  • Ball-bearing butt hinges: When you have a heavier door, this type has a higher load capacity.
  • Flush Hinge

This hinge type is a few notches lower with butt hinge in terms of durability and strength. When you need to save up some space, this is an ideal choice; because when your door is closed, the other leaf of the hinge hides under the other.

You can use a flush hinge for lighter interior doors in your house, store, and offices.

  • Ball Bearing Hinge

If you are looking for a durable hinge designed for heavier and wider doors, then this type is your answer. We usually install this hinge style in heavy entry doors which receives the highest traffic.

The unique feature of this hinge is its ball bearing that is installed in between two knuckles. The ball bearing reduces friction when your doors are frequently used in a day. Friction is one of the main elements speeding up the decay of all hinges.

When you install ball bearing hinges, make sure to lubricate them every week. This is vital to extend its life while keeping its smooth operation.

  • Case Hinge

If you like a more appealing hinge for your entry doors, then case hinges are an excellent candidate. It works similarly like a butt hinge, yet it has a more stylish appearance which adds curb appeal to your entry doors.

This hinge style is commonly used for exterior doors because of its impressive strength and durability. It comes in various shapes and sizes, flexible enough to match your door style.

  • Hospital Hinge

This hinge style is parallel to your butt hinge, but it has a shorter length. There are two identical leaves, one is installed to your door and the other to the door frame. Overall, it practically works the same as a butt hinge.

  • Strap Hinge

This hinge style is similar to a hospital hinge, yet its leaf is much longer. It is ergonomically designed for gates and entry doors. Its long leaf provides extreme support for your heavy door gates, thus, better protection.

  • Olive Knuckle Hinge

The distinguishing trait of this hinge style is its H-shape structure. When the door is open, you will visibly see the H-shape. Meanwhile, when the door is closed, you will only have a glimpse of its knuckle.

This one is also a good candidate for strong hinges used for gates and entry doors in your homes and buildings.

  • Pivot Hinge

This type is pretty similar to an Olive Knuckle Hinge and is purposely made for taller doors. Door misalignment is highly anticipated for taller doors, thus, you need to install pivot hinges.

These types allow the smooth closing and opening of your doors while keeping it aligned with your door frame.

  • Heavy Duty Hinge

Meanwhile, if you have a heavy gate or entry door, you need to use a heavy-duty hinge. This type is 1/4-inch thicker than your regular butt hinge, thus, providing impressive support and stability.

Interior Door Hinges:

How many interior doors do you have inside your home? More than three, right?

Practically, every home has more interior doors compared to its entry-exterior doors. This means you need to choose a reliable hinge for all doors inside your home and office. For you to have a better understanding of hinges, you need to know the various styles of interior door hinges.

  • Double Action Spring

Are you familiar with this hinge type? Or do you know this more by its other names like cafe door hinges, saloon hinges, or swing and sway hinges? Either way, it is named as such because of its ability to allow a two-way direction for closing and opening your interior door.

It can swing in both directions due to the two cylinders joining its two square leaves. We usually install this hinge style for the doors in your kitchen and dining area. Its design is specially made for lighter interior doors.

  • Butterfly Hinge

If exterior doors have the fancy case hinge or Olive knuckle hinge, then this hinge style will be its equivalent for interior doors. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes that put an exciting flair of elegance in your interior doors.

  • Bi-Fold Hinge

The unique characteristic of this hinge style would be its numerous leaves with different lengths. Like the pivot hinge for exterior doors, a bi-fold hinge consists of many pivot points that allow your door to open at a greater angle.

Multitude Door Hinges

We are done discussing the many classifications of hinges for your interior and exterior doors. Now, let us look at other hinge styles that are not limited to your doors only. No matter what hinge style you need, we at A+ Doors NYC will find the most suitable one for you.

  • Concealed Hinge

Do you want the beauty of your doors to be emphasized more? Then you need to install concealed hinges, because it has a sleek appearance, making it invisible to the viewer. You can also use this hinge type for your cabinet doors and furniture.

It comes into two parts: bracket and the pivot. We will create a recess in the door where we will install the bracket. The pivot point will allow the movement of the door.

  • T-Hinge

This hinge type is similar to your strap hinge, where it has a shorter hinge length but with a longer leaf. It got its name because of its T-shape structure. We often install this type for large and heavy doors.

  • Ornamental Hinge

This hinge type is specifically designed to enhance the appeal of your lighter doors, e.g. cabinet doors. You can expect a variety of finish and material for this hinge style, as it is geared towards aesthetics.

Most ornamental hinges are used for furniture and cabinet doors. It is usually made from cast iron, stainless steel, and solid brass.

  • Barrel Hinge

This is a sub-classification of a concealed hinge that you can use for your cabinet doors as well. It has the bracket and pivot parts, where the former is installed at the base of the door and frame. The pivot point will provide the swing of the door while keeping it hidden from the observer.

  • Soss Hinge

This hinge type is also concealed from the viewer to have a sleek appearance with your cabinet doors and furniture. For its installation, we are going to make a small pocket or mortise where we can mount the hinge.

Overall, it also serves as a creative embellishment to your cabinet doors and furniture.

  • Piano Hinge/Continuous Hinge

Perhaps, this type has the longest hinge length among other models. It has a narrow and long figure, where you will need plenty of screws to secure it in place. You can often find this hinge style in the desk door where you place your keyboard and mouse for the PC.

  • Flag Hinge

Are you looking for a suitable hinge for your PVC doors? Well, a flag hinge is a right choice. What’s unique about this? Unlike most hinges with two leaves, a flag hinge only has one leaf and a pin. Because of its design, it allows your PVC doors to travel at 360 degrees.

  • Take Apart Hinge

This hinge style has a parallel structure with a flag hinge; that is, it has one leaf and a pin. We usually install this type for apartment doors, where the renters move in and out of the place. The best benefit of a take-apart hinge will be the ease of removing your door when necessary.

  • Knife Hinge

You can find knife hinges on the doors of your toolbox. It has a scissor-like shape which allows the door to move upward.

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Finally, you now have a substantial understanding of hinges, its parts, and the various styles for interior and exterior doors. We now believe that you have a good idea of choosing the right door hinge for specific situations.

Nonetheless, no matter how durable and expensive your door hinges, the security level of your premises will still be inferior if your doors aren’t durable. In that case, A+ Doors NYC is 24/7 available to help you fix or install the best doors for your house, apartment, storefront, and offices in New York.

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