Floor-Spring door closers

The interior and exterior doors of offices, storefronts, clinics, hospitals, and schools can be made from glass, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, or steel. If your doors are heavily used every year, then you need to install a durable floor-spring door closer.

Fortunately, A+ Doors NYC is your best local door repair and installation NYC to carry out this task. We have an intensive collection and experience in properly installing the best floor-spring door closer in your residence and business establishments.

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What is floor spring?

Floor spring door closers are simple closing mechanisms that are typically installed at the base of your storefront glass or aluminum doors. It works effectively for single and double action doors. We usually install these closers for your doors that are frequently used in a year.

Aside from choosing the best finish and style for your floor spring door closer, we are going to consider what grade is fit as well. There are three grades for your door closers, that is, grades 1, 2, and 3.

Grade 1 closers are excellent for heavy-duty operations because it has 60% efficiency with an expected functional life of 2,000,000 cycles. Grade 2 closers have the same level of efficiency with a Grade 1 closer, yet its functional life is 1,000,000 cycles. Lastly, for a light to medium usage, a Grade 3 closer is most suitable. It has 50% efficiency and expected to last for 500,000 cycles.

If you are not confident of installing or fixing your floor spring door closers, you can always run to us anytime. With just one call, our mobile door specialists will be there in your place to install the most durable brand of floor closers.

How to select the right floor spring?

Getting the right decision of what specs of floor spring door closer to choose is a cumbersome task. If you are not confident of selecting the best floor spring, better lean on professionals for assistance. Fortunately, A+ Doors NYC is your most reliable local door repair and installation NYC to call.

Our seasoned door technicians have sufficient training and experience to effectively give you the right floor spring closer. Here are the usual factors we consider in the process:

    • Sweep Speed: This is how fast your floor closer pulls back the door in its closed position. Do you want it fast or slow-closing? Our technicians will adjust the sweep speed of your closer to match your preference.
    • Latch Speed: This is the speed of the door as it finally closes. Most door closers have a variable latching speed. Our door experts will adjust this part to avoid any door slamming on your premises.
    • Backcheck: This will be the clearance before your door reaches the maximum opening angle (e.g. 180 degrees).
    • Material: Your floor spring closer must be made from quality stainless steel or aluminum to resist environmental elements that can hasten its decay. Likewise, closers must be effective in preventing fire and smoke from escaping out.
    • Style and Appeal: Most sleek and modern floor closers have a stainless steel or aluminum finish. This impeccably compliments your storefront glass and aluminum doors. Overall, floor spring closers have a sleek appearance and impressive durability.
    • Certifications: To guarantee your satisfaction and quality of the device, we only install floor spring door closers which meets the standards of ANSI, BHMA, and ADA. When you have these certifications, you are complacent that your floor springs will last for around 500,000 to 2,000,000 cycles.

Three must-have features

If we try to summarize the buying factors for an excellent floor spring closer, you need to look for these three main features.

  • Invisibility

We install floor spring closers underneath the base of your door. Our door technicians will dig a cement rectangular case underneath your door where the floor closer will be placed. This makes your heavy-duty floor closer invisible to your guests, so it won’t ruin the aesthetics of your door.

  • Versatility

The doors in offices, schools, clinics, hospitals, houses, and apartments can be made from a variety of materials, that include wood, glass, fiberglass, aluminum, and metal. Regardless of what door material and style you have, we have tons of stocks with different sizes and styles to match your doors.

  • Economical Price

This is one of the essential factors we look into when we choose your floor spring closer. We will ask your projected budget for the installation of floor spring in your doors. Once we have your estimate, we are going to find a perfect match for it in our inventories.

A+ Doors NYC always looks forward to your safety and satisfaction for our door closer repair and installation service in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. We have trained every day to sharpen our wits and skills in relentlessly providing you with cost-effective services.

We offer floor spring door closers Installation and repair

When we offer our products and services, we never do any guesswork with it. We always ask our clients what they want and then inspect with your door. Once we have completed this, we can proceed for the installation process of your floor spring door closer.

At A+ Doors NYC, we have a full inventory of different styles and sizes of floor spring closer for your glass storefront, aluminum, and other door types. Floor springs are an excellent choice for heavy doors used in commercial and residential establishments in NYC.

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