Roll Up Doors Repair

When you are looking for the most trusted and finest door company to repair and maintain your roll up doors and gates, A+ Doors NYC is here for you. We are your local door repair and installation company in New York.

All business establishments in New York require strong and stylish roll up doors to protect their place around the clock from burglars. A+ Doors NYC understands your need and we are here at any time to resolve all your roll up door issues.

You do not have to stop your business operation for us to repair your broken commercial doors. Our trained and friendly door technicians will work around your hectic schedule without interrupting your business. We can also install a brand new customized roll up door and gates that meet your security needs.

Just get in touch with our consultants, so we can give you a free estimate and advice on how to maintain and choose the appropriate door style for your commercial establishments in New York.

What is Roll Up Door

Roll up doors are one of the innovative door styles made to enhance the security of your residence and commercial establishments. It fits perfectly for those with less space for the standard hinged-and-swing doors.

A roll up door has a working principle where its curtain (the roll up the door itself) is rolled up vertically to open. Its motor is responsible for rolling it up and down. Typically, this door type can be made from either aluminum or stainless steel.

Likewise, it comes in various finishes, sizes, shapes, configurations, and more. Our highly trained door technicians will help you in every step of the way, to ensure you are choosing the best one for you.

What are the parts of a rolling door?

    • Slats: These are the horizontal metal plates that are linked together to comprise the door’s body. It usually folds towards each other when it is rolled up, and unfolded when rolled down.
    • Curtain: This is the other name of the roll up the door itself. Most slats or door body of a roll up door can be made from stainless steel or aluminum.
    • Motor: This is the mechanical part of your roll up door which is responsible for rolling those slats up and down.
    • Thermal Seals: Your roll up doors and gates don’t just secure your place but also helps preserve the temperature inside your residence and office. With that, your HVAC system won’t have to work too much to keep your indoor temperature cool and comfortable.
    • Counterbalance mechanism: This part plays an essential role in keeping your roll up door open when needed. Likewise, it helps in opening the curtain smoothly.
    • Springs: This part provides powerful tension that keeps your roll up door open and maintains in that position for as long as necessary.

Here are the two main types of roll up doors:

    • Sectional Roll Up Door: This door type is composed of four to five horizontal metal plates that are connected. All these interconnected slats comprised the curtain or main door body.
    • Rolling steel doors: In contrast to the former, this one is made from one steel plate that is rolled up and down by the motor. The solid and single steel plate can be produced from various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and others.

What are other types of roll up doors?

Aside from the two main types of roll up doors and gates, here are some other styles we repair and install in New York.

    • Security grilles
    • Perforated door gates
    • Hybrid Perforated and Solid Slats
    • Solid or Steel Roll up door gates
    • Perforated Sectional roll up doors

What is Roll Up Door used for

You can see a variety of styles and finishes of roll up doors and gates in different business infrastructures, shopping malls, jewelry shops, and residences in New York. This door type can be an additional or main exterior door that provides impressive strength to deter break-ins.

If you want a professional door technician to help you find an appropriate roll up door and gate for your home and store, then you can always count on us. A+ Doors NYC has established credibility in being an all-around door repair and installation service for the New Yorkers.

Whenever you experience a malfunction with your roll up doors, call us right away, and we will be there when you need us.


Our licensed, insured, and trained door associates follow strict guidelines and protocols in fixing or installing all kinds of doors in New York. We have encountered and solved a multitude of problems with roll up doors and gates. Below are some of the typical concerns we troubleshoot.

    • Annoying screeching sound when it is rolled up or down
    • Your roll up door does not go all the way up
    • Your roll up door gate resists opening
    • Dents on the slats or solid steel roll up door
    • Problems with your periodic door maintenance
    • Misaligned door tracks
    • Botched cable and tension spring
    • Broken remote control
    • Broken motor and garage door opener

These are just some of the frequently encountered scenarios by our team of door associates as they cater to door concerns in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. We are doing our best to provide you with a quick and effective solution, so your malfunctioning roll up doors are operational again.

24/7 Emergency Services

A+ Doors NYC will be there when you need to us be anywhere in New York. Unlike other companies, we operated beyond standard working hours. We have a team of mobile door technicians who are 24 hours and 7 days a week ready to respond to your roll up door dilemmas.

Just call our hotline to gain quick and accurate assistance with your door-related issues.

Immediate Response

We always want your safety and satisfaction because it is never easy to have a broken or sticking roll up door. Whenever your door breaks down, it can slow down or delay your transactions. We cannot afford to see you suffer from these door-related dilemmas, so we keep a quick response to all your roll up door repairs.

Just save our number and dial it up when you need a hand to fix any broken part or motor with your sectional and solid steel roll up doors. If your roll up doors requires periodic or on-the-spot maintenance and tune-up, then we can handle that as well.

Likewise, if you need a new security grille or sectional roll up door in your residence or building, we can guarantee that you will get the best door specs that you need. Schedule your appointment now by calling our hotline.

Expert Solutions
Our highly trained and seasoned door associates have mastered the science and art of fixing and installing doors and parts. We keep a keen eye when we diagnose problems with your solid steel or sectional roll up gates. Through this, we can accurately detect what’s causing the problem and apply the best solution for it. Our professionals will inspect all your doors, both broken or not, to see what are the needed things to be done to ensure it does not break down anytime. A broken security grille or roll up door can be a headache, especially when it causes delays in your work and business. For your expert solution for all kinds of door concerns, call us A+ Doors NYC.