Fireproof Doors Repair

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), they respond to one fire incident every 24 seconds. During 2017, there were about 499,000 fire incidents in the United States, and 72 percent of them are residential infrastructures.

In most fire accidents, a lot of people and valuables are saved because they have a reliable and strong fire rated door. This door type is mandatory for all commercial buildings and residential units that are more than two storeys high.

If you are looking for a trustworthy fireproof door repair and installation NYC, you can call us A+ Doors NYC. Our emergency door repair is available 24 hours and 7 days a week in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

What is Fireproof Door

This door type is made from durable materials like gypsum, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), hardwood, metal, and fiberglass that is highly resilient from fire. It is a heavy door that does not readily combust when exposed to a naked flame.

The common fire rated door specifications installed in residential and business structures is FD30 and FD60. FD30 can effectively resist combustion for 30 minutes, whereas FD60 for 60 minutes. Meanwhile, we can install other FD ratings for you such as FD20 and FD90.

Aside from impressive fire resistance, we can customize your door style and finishes to enhance the overall appeal of your office and house. We can choose the right hardware, accessory, and finish for your fire-rated doors.

A+ Doors NYC can effectively install your fireproof doors that meet your desired specifications. For scheduling your appointments, we recommend that you book it a day or two before the designated date.

What is Fireproof Door used for

Your fire-rated doors must be installed in the area where your most valuable assets and documents are stored. Aside from providing a safe passage for the preservation of your assets, it must be strategically located in an area where people can quickly and safely come out from your building or residence. For residential structures, one fireproof door must be installed in every level of your dwelling structure, especially those with an elevation of more than two storeys. Meanwhile, for business establishments, there must be a clear instruction leading to your fire-rated door exits. All instructions on the door’s usage must be clearly stated, visible, and readable for any individual. We understand the great importance of your fire-rated doors, so it must be kept well-functioning at all times. In that case, if there are any hardware or operational bottleneck with your fireproof doors, A+ Doors NYC is here to offer you accurate repair and installation solutions in New York.

Expert solutions

If there are major or minor technical problems with your fire-rated doors, there must be no room for errors when fixing it. Consequently, A+ Doors NYC has highly trained door associates to diagnose what is causing the malfunction.

Our licensed and bonded door techs will inspect the gaps and seals of your fireproof doors to evaluate its performance. Likewise, we offer affordable door maintenance and tune-up services in New York. Take this opportunity as you can never allow your exterior and interior doors to stop working at any time.

We shall closely look into the hinges, door closers, locks, door frames, door jamb, and other door parts to accurately resolve the problem. We have been servicing the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn for more than a decade.

All our fireproof doors repair NYC complies with your building code and the regulations of New York. We also consider the requirements of ADA, OSHA, and ANSI/BHMA in choosing the appropriate fire-rated doors that meet your security requirements and budget.

24/7 Emergency Services

Does your fire-rated door stop work in the middle of the night? No need to panic, for you can quickly dial our hotline for technical assistance. A+ Doors NYC is around the clock available to cater to your door-related concerns in New York.

We have a handful of the door and parts supplies in our warehouse for you. We install various styles and finishes of fireproof doors for schools, hospitals, buildings, clinics, shopping malls, and apartments.

No matter how tight your schedule, we can readily work around it and meet your deadlines.

High-quality services

Through our years of experience, A+ Doors NYC has sustainably maintained the award-winning quality of our fireproof door repair and installation service in New York. We have partnered with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure you a world-class quality for your exterior and interior doors, that include your fire-rated doors.

Before installing a fireproof door in your house or building, our team of professionals shall conduct a fire hazard assessment. If necessary, we are going to talk to your building engineer or manager about your building code.

Through our comprehensive process, we are confident of bringing you the best service and door for your fire safety. We also look into the aesthetic side of your fireproof doors so it can also give an accent to your space.

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Competitive rates

Are you scared of hiring a professional to repair or install the right fireproof door in your building or apartment? Why? Is it because of the price? Fortunately, you never have to think about a hefty price when you choose us A+ Doors NYC as your local door repair and installation NYC.

We provide a full range of fireproof door repair at a fair price in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. You can use our free online estimate to get an approximation of how much you need to finance for the repair or installation of your fire-resistant doors.

We have negotiated with our suppliers to give us a significant discount on our materials and parts; so we can offer you affordable rates.

Now, are you ready to put up a fire-resistant door in your place? Need a hand with your fireproof door problems? Contact us A+ Doors NYC anytime.