Aluminum Door Repair

The aluminum door is one of the popular materials used for the doors installed in commercial and residential establishments in New York. Its sleek and modern accent adds a better curb appeal in your place. Moreover, it has a better resistance against natural elements, fire, and vandalism.

If you are looking for a competent and responsive Aluminum door repair NYC, you can contact us A+ Doors NYC. We repair and install different types of aluminum doors for storefronts, offices, and residential units in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

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What is Aluminum Door

The aluminum doors you see in commercial and residential establishments are made from aluminum alloy standard extruded sections. This material has met the standards of IS 733, IS 1285, and IS 737, which means its resistance to corrosion and sulfur is greatly improved.

Most of our clients love to install these door types because it enhances the modern appeal of your place. Further, here are some of the best benefits you can enjoy from installing our stylish aluminum doors:

    • It adds elegance and natural warmth to your overall curb appeal
    • It is an eco-friendly material than hardwood
    • Enhanced resistance against rust, termite, and moisture
    • Easy to clean and wipe off dust
    • Lower maintenance cost
    • A popular choice among restaurants, offices, and other business establishments
    • Does not require any paint for embellishments

A+ Doors NYC is also one of the go-to local door technicians when you want to install new aluminum doors in your place. Our door associates are well-trained in repairing and installing different types of aluminum doors.

Below are the main types of aluminum doors we repair and install in New York.

  • Aluminum hinged doors

If you want an alternative to your wooden hinged doors, then this door style is right for you. It can be made from a glazed or solid aluminum panel door with two or more hinges. If you have a taller door, then we will install more hinges to keep it stable and aligned.

  • Aluminum sliding doors

This is an excellent choice when you want to save space when opening your doors. These door types are usually made to slide parallel to the wall. The moving door panel is held in place by two hangers and it slides off its guide track.

  • Aluminum sliding folding doors

This type combines the mechanism of a folding and sliding door. This door type is stackable while it slowly slides off sideways. Our door technicians are highly capable of fixing and installing this door style in your storefront, house, and offices.

  • Aluminum stack-away doors

This door style works as an overhead stackable door. As the door opens upward, its aluminum panels stack over each other in a uniform manner. We can install and customize one for you in New York.

Our more than a decade of experience guarantees the seamless repair and installation of any type of aluminum door. Likewise, we can customize the function, style, hardware, and accessories of your exterior and interior doors at an unbeatable price.

What is Aluminum Door used for

Aluminum doors can either function as your exterior or interior doors. We install various styles and sizes of aluminum doors for shops, stores, offices, boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and houses in New York.

These door types can fit well for your entry doors because of their impressive resistance against weather elements and blunt force. We have installed various types of aluminum doors that include sliding and hinged types on storefronts and offices.

A lot of our customers were very pleased with this door material because it brings out a sleek modern appearance at a minimal maintenance cost. All our door associates are highly prepared to take on all sorts of door malfunctions in New York. After the service call, we will be there in your place in 30 minutes or less.

For your all-around aluminum door repair NYC, contact us A+ Doors NYC.

24/7 Emergency Services

No matter how stylish and durable your aluminum door is, you can never predict when it will break down or malfunction. If this happens out of the blue, it is best to call a professional to fix your door concerns.

Luckily, A+ Doors NYC is around the clock available to fix and install aluminum doors and parts in New York. We are just one call away from mending all your door concerns. We have mobile vans present around New York, and the nearest one to you will be the one to respond.

Day or night, your sticking or noisy doors will be diagnosed and fixed by our seasoned door associates. Get in touch with us immediately for your Aluminum door repair requirements.

Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians

How can you tell if a door repair service is legit? Before hiring any door technician, be sure to check and verify if they have the license and proof of insurance to work in New York.

Nonetheless, your search for a reputable Aluminum door repair and installation NYC is gone if you lean on us A+ Doors NYC. We are very meticulous in our hiring process for our door techs.

Once we hire them, we frequently train them every year for both product knowledge and skills. We only perform the best practices that abide by your building code and the regulations of New York in fixing and installing new doors for you.

Competitive rates

Our finance and marketing team conducted a thorough pricing analysis and negotiated with our suppliers so we can offer you unbeatable rates for our Aluminum door repair and installation services.

For a reasonable cost, we can customize the style and accessories of your exterior and interior doors so it can accentuate and protect your place. You can use our free online estimate to get a price for your door concerns.

Expert solutions

A+ Doors NYC is one of the leading door repair and installation NYC for 2020. We provide state-of-the-art solutions for your problematic doors in New York. All our doors, parts, and services are backed with a lifetime warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.

No matter how busy your schedule, we can always work around it to fix your broken aluminum door on our first visit.

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