Commercial Door Repair & Installation In NYC

Commercial doors have completely changed these days because of the combined emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. If you want to make a good impression on your clients, you need to install the right door for your store, office, or building.

In that case, you can have us at, A+ Doors NYC, as your top door repair and installation in NYC! You can call our hotline anytime to ask for a free estimate or book an appointment.

Installation, repair, and replacement of commercial doors

Do you hear some squeaking when you open the door of your store or office? Is it hard to close and open the doors in your workplace? Do your storefront doors need some tune-up and repair?

Fortunately, A+ Doors NYC provides a full-range of door repair, replacement, and installation for all business establishments in the area of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Our licensed and bonded door experts can fully take on a variety of door materials and types. Some of the doors we work on include sliding glass doors, aluminum doors, fire-rated doors, hardwood, and automatic commercial doors.

Are you meticulous about your door specifications? No worries, as our skills and knowledgeable door specialists can accurately customize your office doors suitable for your business and security needs. It is best if you call our hotline so we can schedule a site visit in your place. This is necessary, so we can measure the right door dimension and material that matches your needs and budget.

All our door repair and installation services have compiled and passed the states’ building code and OSHA. No matter how small or complex your door-related problems, A+ Doors NYC is highly trained and experienced to deal with it.

Highly trained and experienced team

We believe that having a team of smart and seasoned door technicians is a must to consistently deliver above customer expectations. Consequently, we, at A+ Doors NYC, train our associates daily because door innovations are quickly coming out in a rapid pace.

We feel the importance of continually honing the skills of our door technicians so they are knowledgeable enough to repair, replace, and install both modern and traditional door systems.

Are you having problems with the hinges, pivots, door closers, door handles, or door frame? Skip the DIY process which is prone to errors and a possible breakdown of your commercial doors in NYC. Our company ensures zero guesswork in our commercial door repair and installation services.

Our mobile van is loaded with various tools and supplies, so we can efficiently and accurately repair, replace, or install brand new doors on our first visit. Get in touch with us for any issues with the storefront and office doors in your place.

Years of experience

Like other door-related locksmith services, A+ Doors NYC started small and continually grew as we conducted our services. Despite our years of existence in the industry, we have always been fair and humble with our competition and clients.

We take pride in our pool of licensed and bonded door technicians that passionately delivers impeccable commercial door repair, replacement, and installation in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and its surrounding areas in NYC.

We value your safety and satisfaction above all things. Having a durable and well-functioning office and storefront doors are highly essential to impress your prospective clients. Likewise, when your doors are durable and difficult to break, burglars will have zero chance of stealing from your place.

Moreover, we have pleased many customers already because we keep a good eye for details and the specs requested by the client. A+ Doors NYC can upgrade your rustic and antique doors into its pre-damaged condition at a very reasonable price.

Make a short call so you can talk to one of our staff about your door dilemmas. We will give a free estimate as well.

Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair & Installation

Who would have thought that glass can be used as a lucrative door for business and residential establishments? Most commercial buildings, stores, and offices sprawling in the corners of NYC have glass sliding or swinging doors. It allows customers to immediately see what you are offering in your stores and offices.

However, glass doors in business establishments can encounter unpredictable problems and malfunction. These glass door-related problems can be due to normal wear and tear, or a burglar has tried breaking inside your commercial space. Regardless of the cause, A+ Doors NYC can be your go-to door repair and installation for your glass door concerns.

We fix and replace all broken parts of your storefront glass doors. These parts can include the hinges, bottom sliding track, pivots, lever handles, sensors, door closers, and the main glass door itself.

If you want to install either a pre-made or customized glass door for your storefront and office, A+ Doors NYC will provide you the best service for a fair cost. We can install additional features for better security such as bottom deadlock, full shoe bottom, anti-scratch glass coating, double cylinder lock mechanism, and more.

Commercial And Industrial Doors Repair & Installation

Aside from these stylish and delicate storefront glass doors, A+ Doors NYC also got you covered for industrial-rated commercial doors. These durable and heavy-duty industrial doors include roll-up door gates, overhead doors, fireproof doors, and metal doors.

Fixing or installing these kinds of doors are quite cumbersome and requires extensive skills from a door specialist. Our licensed and bonded door technicians are ready 24/7 to fix, replace broken parts, or install brand new ones in your warehouse, office, store, and building in NYC.

In fixing or installing your industrial-grade doors, we will consider five important factors: budget, functionality, aesthetics, protection, and convenience. Our locksmiths will help you find the right door for your business establishments.

Below are some of the industrial doors we fix and install in NYC:

  • Roll-Up Gate: We install and repair steel and aluminum roll-up door gates for your store and offices. If you want to save on the repairs and new installs, better avail our affordable door maintenance package.
  • Commercial Security Grille: This door will provide additional security for your storefront and office. We provide affordable repair and installation services anywhere in NYC.
  • Perforated Storefront Door: This is a good choice because your clients can still view the inside of your warehouse or store. You can use this as a secondary door gate for your storefront and office.
  • Perforated and Solid Slats: Combining these two styles will give you a secure gate in your storefront and warehouse while allowing a free flow of air. We can efficiently install this type of industrial door at your business establishment with ease.

Fireproof Metal and Glass Doors: You can never foretell the incidence of fire, so you need to have a fire-rated entry and exit doors in your storefront, warehouse, and office in NYC. We can install a fireproof door in your business establishment and it can be made from various materials such as aluminum, steel, and glass. Our fireproof doors will meet your desired specifications and can fully withstand getting burned for two hours (enough for you to get out in time). It can also have an interlock wooden edge that is keyed on both sides.

Commercial Metal Doors & Frames Repair & Installation

We have the best technicians and tools to effectively install, fix. and replace your door frames. Most of our clients also call us to learn on how new metal doors can benefit their storage areas and stores.

Our seasoned door technicians will carefully analyze your metal door issues so we can resolve it in our first visit. The doors we install in most commercial establishments in NYC have impeccable resistance against corrosion and forceful entry.

We understand that you need a stylish and durable metal door and frames that shall withstand normal wear and tear. Moreover, all our doors and parts have passed the building code and OSHA standards.

If you need professional assistance for your door repair and installation in NYC, you can lean on us A+ Doors NYC. Give us a short call for appointments and free estimates.

24/7 Emergency Services

We receive several calls from helpless clients regarding a sudden breakdown of their commercial storefront and office doors. Fixing or installing new doors will be your last resort, but to prevent this, you can avail of our affordable door maintenance package.

No matter what time and day of the week you encounter door problems, A+ Doors NYC  is round the clock ready to serve you. Our mobile team is on standby mode and can be there in your place in 30 minutes or less.

Our emergency door repair and installation service are priced fairly and reasonably to suit your tight budget.

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