Sliding Doors Repair

When it comes to the trending door styles available in the market, sliding doors will be one of the best contenders. Our well-trained technicians will help you install the right sliding door style to spruce the appeal of your residence and commercial space.

Likewise, when something goes wrong with your doors, A+ Doors NYC is your number one choice for cost-efficient sliding doors repair NYC. Our door associates have a wide background and experience in fixing broken parts of all sliding patio door types.

Contact us anytime for your door repair and installation NYC services. We are 24/7 available to fix and install your doors in New York.

What is Sliding Door

This door type is also popularly known as a sliding patio door. We have a handful of various styles and types of sliding doors that meets your architectural and construction needs. It is excellent when you want to have a door that gives a wide opening without consuming too much floor space.

In general, this door type has two sections or panels: one is movable, while the other one fixed to the wall. The size of your sliding doors can vary depending on your need. Some of our clients called us for installing a wall-size glass sliding door in their rest house.

A+ Doors NYC is your best choice when you want a reliable door technician who can install the right kind of sliding door for your home and business establishment. We consider a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Nonetheless, here are the different types of sliding patio doors we offer to our clients.

  • Bypass Doors

This is the most basic type and the easiest to install and repair. The two door panels are hung side by side. There are both tracks on the top and below each panel so you can slide the glass door in one direction.

A bypass door is usually used to separate rooms or living spaces in your home. The popular material for this is wood and glass. Likewise, you can also install one for your closet.

  • Pocket Sliding Doors

If you have a small space in your home, then you would love having a pocket sliding door installed. It is composed of a single panel that can be either made of wood or glass. When you open this door, its panel slides into your wall, thus, consuming very little footprint.

We recommend this door type for your closet doors, and the doors leading to your pantry and bedrooms.

  • Sliding Bi-Fold Door

If you enjoy the aesthetic and functionality of both folding and sliding doors, then we can install this door type for you. It is composed of two panels, where the two are joined by hinges.

The tracks for this door type are at its base, and you can slide it in one direction. As the panels slide to one side, the hinges connecting the two panels enable it to fold. We recommend this door type for your pantries and closet.

  • Patio Sliding Door

This is a basic sliding door composed of two panels: one is fixed and the other is movable. From the name itself, it is a wooden or glass sliding door leading to your patio. You can also use this as your closet door.

  • Sliding French Door

Most of our clients admire the innate elegance of a French door, and it provides a wide opening for your furniture and guests. However, if you do not have a wide space for your standard French door, then we can install a sliding French Door for you.

This type still has the classic beauty of a French door but operates in a sliding manner. It helps you save up huge floor space without compromising beauty and a wide opening.

  • Shoji Door

If you have great admiration for Japanese architecture and construction, then we can install a Shoji door in your home. It has parallel features with a standard sliding door, except it is made from natural wood and paper instead of glass.

You need to be careful when you have a Shoji door because the paper windows are prone to ripping when sharp objects or blunt force strikes it. With this door, it adds natural warmth and flair of Japanese culture in your modern home.

  • Accordion Sliding Doors

This door type looks like an accordion and operates like it when you slide it open. The best features of this door type would be its affordable price and easy installation. We can install this type on your closet and pantries.

  • Sliding Barn Doors

This door type mimics the appearance and durability of a barn door. Our trained door associates can quickly install this type in your barn, pantry, and garage. We can also choose a material with excellent thermal insulation for you to save on your electricity bill.

What is Sliding Door used for

We usually recommend this door style for your interior doors, particularly for doors used in your closet, pantry, bedrooms, and living room. Nevertheless, there are some sliding doors which you can use for exterior doors as long as the door material is durable and resilient to natural elements.

On the other, these door types are widely used in shopping malls, clinics, hospitals, schools, and offices in New York. If you need technical assistance, you can immediately call us for your sliding doors repair.

Expert Solutions

We have trained our door associates every year to make sure we can 100% fix all problems with your interior and exterior doors. A+ Doors NYC also has a complete supply of door parts and accessories needed for your sliding doors repair.

If you want a more durable material for your sliding door, then we can have fiberglass and tempered glass. Meanwhile, some of the common issues we fix for this door style include squeaking noise, lock mechanism, and tracks.

24/7 Emergency Services

Day or night, we at A+ Doors NYC operate beyond the standard business hours. We are around the clock ready to fix and install brand new doors in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Our mobile van will be there in your residence or building in 30 minutes or less. Call us immediately so we can put back your sliding doors in operation.

High-quality services

A+ Doors NYC cares for you, so we are only offering the best materials, door parts, and services to fix and install sliding doors in New York. Whether you need this door type for your office, shower area, pantry, closet, or garage, our door specialists will give you the door specs you need.

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Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians
Never allow any technician to tweak your doors without checking their reputation. For your safety and satisfaction, it is always best to hire a professional. With us, all our door associates are licensed and insured to perform the full range of door repair and installation NYC. We are very meticulous in our hiring process, so all our door technicians are the cream-of-the-crop in the industry. When you want an accurate solution for your sliding doors repair, call us A+ Doors NYC.