Exterior Door Hinges

A squeaking door hinge will undeniably wake you up at night. This is a common issue for those households living in the suburbs and highly urbanized areas of New York. There are plenty of harsh and corrosive weather elements that speed up the decay and corrosion of your exterior door hinges.

These natural elements and how you maintain your door hinges impact their lives and smooth operation. If you have not tried replacing the door hinges in your entry and external doors, then hiring a professional door repair and installation NYC is most suitable.

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What are Exterior Door Hinges?

These are the specific types of door hinges installed in your entry and exterior doors. If it is your first time to replace and install new exterior door hinges, then you will be overwhelmed with the many options. Nonetheless, when you have A+ Doors NYC on your side, the entire selection and installation process will be seamless.

We are going to present and explain the various types and styles of exterior door hinges that might suit your gates and external doors. In our discussion, we have included its pros and cons; and when it is mostly used.

No matter where you are in New York, our mobile team will be there in your doorstep in 15 to 30 minutes. Our highly trained technicians will help you find the appropriate door hinge to match your security needs and budget.

Types of Exterior Door Hinges:

Without any delay, here are the 9 types of exterior door hinges you can install in your gates and external doors. Read thoroughly so you can have a better grasp of each type.

A+ Doors NYC will only offer you the most trusted brands of door hinges. These hinges have undergone and passed the standards imposed by ANSI/BHMA. This means all of it can effectively withstand weather elements and arm-strong forceful impacts.

  • Butt Hinge

Have you tried seeing the door hinge in your wooden and glass doors? If you have seen a door hinge with two identical leaves, then that’s what you call butt hinges. Oftentimes, these are the go-to choice by homeowners because of its high load capacity. If you have heavy wooden or steel doors, a butt hinge won’t let you down.

It has two identical wings or leaves (with some screw holes on both leaves); where one is screwed fixed to your door frame, and the other to the door. The knuckle, sleeves, and pin are the ones responsible for making your door move.

The knuckle is composed of sleeves (curled metal sheets). Meanwhile, a pin is inserted through the knuckle. If the knuckle and pin are destroyed or corroded, then your door will have a hard time traveling while creating a squeaking noise.

Further, there are sub-categories of butt hinges that include the following:

  • Lift-join butt hinges: Allows you to quickly set apart your door from its frame by removing the pins of the hinges.
  • Rising butt hinges: If some areas of your home have uneven or elevated floors, then installing this butt hinge is ideal.
  • Ball-bearing butt hinges: It is identical with the standard butt hinge with an additional part, the ball bearing, which increases its carrying load capacity.
  • Flush Hinge

If you want a sleek door hinge with reliable strength, then a flush hinge is right for you. As your door closes, one of its leaves encloses to the other allowing more space to be saved.

Unlike the standard butt hinge, this one has a lower load capacity. Its compact and durable design is geared towards light to medium-sized doors. Our door specialists will help you choose the best flush hinge to install in your exterior doors.

  • Ball Bearing Hinge

Do you have wide and heavy entry doors? A+ Doors NYC will install the right ball bearing hinge that meets your door specifications. This hinge style is purposely designed for heavier doors. The main feature contributing to its astonishing strength and smooth operation are the ball bearings placed in between the knuckles.

These ball bearings effectively reduce the friction as you close and open your doors. Friction, moisture, weather elements, and absence of maintenance are the major factors hastening the decay of your door hinges. With this hinge style, you are confident of getting a consistent soft door mechanism.

  • Case Hinge

Do you want a door hinge with a fancy appeal? Then this hinge style is the perfect one for you! It has a parallel feature with a butt hinge, but with a more decorative design. We have various shapes, styles, and sizes of the case hinge for you!

Our door specialists will help you find and install the perfect case hinge that matches the color and style of your door. Moreover, you can 100% rely on its strength to carry and swing heavy entry doors. You also see this hinge style on your suitcases.

  • Hospital Hinge

Are you having a difficult time looking for a suitable door hinge for small spaces and doors? Good thing we have varied styles and sizes of hospital hinge for you. This hinge style is commonly used for small spaces because it is shorter and more compact than your regular butt hinge. It is also a common choice for cabinet doors and furniture.

  • Strap Hinge

If you want to install a compact, strong, and unique exterior door hinge in your gates; then we have the best brands of strap hinges for you. This is a short hinge with very long leaves.

It is ergonomically designed this way because its long leaves will support your heavy door gates. Most of our clients with heavy and wide door gates, let us install the best strap hinge for them. It is a cost-effective choice for the security of your home.

  • Olive Knuckle Hinge

Do you want another unique exterior door hinge? We can install an olive knuckle hinge for your gates and external doors. It comes in various finishes and sizes to suit a variety of door sizes.

When your door is in an open position, you would see the H-shape of this hinge style. Meanwhile, when your door is in a close orientation, you will only see the knuckle portion. Aside from your gates, we can install this as well to your cabinet doors and furniture.

  • Pivot Hinge

If you are experiencing a problem of misalignment between your doors and floor, then we can install a pivot hinge to solve it. It looks similar to an olive knuckle hinge, yet it operates differently. It has a pivot point where your door is kept intact and aligned as it travels to its maximum opening angle.

  • Heavy Duty Hinge

We have another candidate for a durable and strong hinge style for your heavy and wider doors.  Based on its name, it is built to support the smooth operation of your heavy wooden, glass, and steel doors.

It has a parallel feature with other hinges, except that it is 1/4-inch thicker. It has this feature so that it can provide extensive support for your heavy doors and gates.

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