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It is never easy to have your doors suddenly malfunction and squeak while opening and closing it. This destroys your workflow and mood because a door is highly essential for keeping a smooth entry and exit in your home and offices.

Luckily, you have us A+ Doors NYC  as your most trusted and professional door repair and installation NYC. We provide a full range of services for your problematic doors and door parts.

Our years of experience and daily training guarantees our world-class service for fixing any broken parts of your manual and automatic doors. Our mobile emergency van is always on standby and ready to respond to your unpredictable door concerns anytime.

Some of the door parts and accessories we supply and replace to our clients include door closers, pivots, hinges, door handles, door frames, and door locks. We only offer durable and known brands of door parts and accessories to meet your needs and satisfaction.

Investing in durable and cost-efficient door closers, door frames, and other parts will ensure long-lasting performance. Price is highly reasonable and worthwhile for you to have high-quality door parts and accessories.

Give us a call today, so we can schedule an on-site visit to your place and see what is best for your interior and exterior doors.

Our Repair and installation services

At A+ Doors NYC , our licensed and bonded door experts will provide you with an adaptive and comprehensive door repair and installation NYC services. We cover the area of Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

We receive plenty of calls from prospective clients regarding their door-related concerns. Some of the common issues we receive include broken door frames, outdated door handles, door closers, lockouts, installation of new doors, and replacement of their antique door accessories.

Whether your doors are for your homes, storefronts, or offices, A+ Doors NYC  is flexible enough to meet your door specifications. These door accessories must have the right balance of style and functionality, so it can enhance the protection offered by your doors.

Here are the general steps we do for our door repair and installation of NYC services:

    1. Setting your appointment like a day or two before the scheduled date of fixing your doors
    2. On-site inspection and free estimate
    3. Checking the appropriate specs for your door and parts
    4. Fixing door problems or installing new doors 
    5. Final inspection

Our team of door specialists will never do guesswork in addressing your door dilemmas. We shall take sufficient time to fix, replace, or install your brand new interior or exterior doors. Our friendly door techs are well-equipped with the right tools, equipment, parts, and accessories for an all-around door repair and installation task.

With that, A+ Doors NYC  can guarantee that we are going to resolve your door concerns on our first visit. No matter how busy you are, we are versatile to work our way around your hectic schedule without disturbing it.

Need professional assistance in fixing or replacing your doors, its parts, and accessories? Get in touch with us anytime. Our mobile emergency team will be there at your doorstep in 30 minutes or earlier.

Door Parts

A+ Doors NYC is your one-stop-shop for different kinds of door parts, closers, and accessories. Our technicians can inspect your place first, so we can recommend the most suitable door closer type.

    • Overhead Closers: These are the usual door closers you see above your doors. It helps in keeping your doors properly opened and closed in every use. It typically has a stainless steel finish that easily blends well with wooden, glass, and aluminum doors.
    • Concealed Closers: These are sleek door closers that are unnoticeable for all guests coming in and out of your doors. It is made from durable steel material and can be installed within the door frame or underneath the floor.
    • Floor Closers: These types are made for heavy-duty use. Our technicians will mount this to a cement case, then covered by a metal casing.
    • Surface Mounted: This type has a more compact design which can match your door size. Compared to other door closers, it comes at a more affordable price and good for interior doors. Likewise, we can match its color to your wall or door to have a camouflage effect.
    • Floor-Spring: These are mechanical door closers that are commonly installed on glass doors in storefronts and offices. It operates using the CAM mechanism which can be push or pull.
    • Regular Arm: This type is mounted on the pull side of your door where the closer body is attached to the door face and the arm on the door frame. The closer arm sticks out perpendicular to the door frame. This door closer only allows your door to open at a 180-degree maximum angle.
    • Top Jamb: This closer type is parallel with the regular arm, yet more suitable for doors made of glass and aluminum. Our door technicians can safely install this closer style to your office and storefront.
    • Parallel Arm: In contrast to the regular arm closer, this one has its Closer body mounted on the push side of your door. The closer arm is still installed on the door frame and parallel in its orientation. Its overall design seems to conceal its body from all guests. Likewise, our technicians can offer you various parallel arm closers that include heavy-duty rigid arm, hold-open arm, stop arm; and stop and hold open arm.

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The quality and style of your door parts and accessories are as good as the entire door itself. You may be tempted to go for cheap ones, but the quality would oftentimes be bad.  A+ Doors NYC will help you find the most cost-efficient door closers and accessories for your residential and commercial doors.

Simply call our hotline today to book an onsite visit to get a recommendation and a free estimate. We offer a wide range of door repair and installation of NYC products and services.

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