Door Closers Repair NYC

Door closers are an essential door accessory which eases the opening and closing process of the doors in homes and commercial establishments in New York City. It is very useful for people with disabilities since some door closers work automatically using motion sensors.

Apart from its functionality, this door accessory also lifts the curb appeal of your house, apartment, store, office, school, hospital, and other establishments. If you need further assistance for the repair, adjustment, replacement, or installation of brand new door closers,  A+ Doors NYC is here for you.

Professional Door Closer Services NYC

We at  A+ Doors NYC have been in the industry of door repair and installation NYC for many years already. One of our strengths is fixing or installing door closers for residential and business buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

If you have zero knowledge and experience in repairing, adjusting, or installing door closers, then leaning on professionals is a smart move. Our licensed and bonded door techs are very adaptive in all door and door closer issues.

We truly understand how inconvenient it is for you to have a broken door closer. This door accessory comes very useful in easy opening and closing your doors. When you are in a hurry of getting out of your office, store, or house, there is a huge chance that the door will not be properly closed. However, when you have a door closer, this worry is gone.

Our door repair and installation NYC is highly available 24 hours and 7 days a week. We train all our technicians every day in all door parts and accessories so that we can effectively resolve your door problems in our first visit.

If you have no solid idea of how to choose the right door closer to your place, then you can call A+ Doors NYC right away. Our friendly door experts will guide you in selecting the best door closer that matches your door, security need, and budget.

Do you need a free estimate for fixing or installing your door closer? A+ Doors NYC can give that to you when you call our hotline anytime. No matter how busy your schedule is, we can always find a way to fit in and complete the task.

Immediate and thorough repair

A+ Doors NYC take pride in our team of door professionals. All of our technicians have extensive knowledge, training, and experience in adjusting or fixing your door closer issues. Once you call our hotline, our mobile van will be at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.

Once we arrive at your place, we are going to introduce ourselves first. Then, we are going to inspect the problem with your door and door closer. After determining the cause of your door closer malfunction, we are going to present the best solution to solve it.

Whether that is a manual or automatic door closer type,  A+ Doors NYC can efficiently and accurately fix or adjust its mechanism. We have a complete set of tools, equipment, and closers in our van, so we can immediately cater to your needs in our first visit.

What are some of the common complaints we resolve regarding door closers?

    • Matching the right door closer specs for commercial and residential establishments
    • Misalignment of doors
    • Damaged door frame
    • Weird door motion
    • Leaking fluids or oils in door closers
    • Broken door lock mechanism
    • The door hits the door frame before the closer completely closes it
    • It takes more effort to push the door to fully close it
    • Closer arm is loose

What are the noticeable signs of a loose closer arm?

    • The door will not completely close
    • Door slamming before it fully closes
    • There is no consistent control of the latch speed
    • Door bounces off upon closing

What are the common signs of a loose lock screw in the closer arm?

    • The door cannot completely shut off
    • Door bounces off upon closing
    • No control on the latch speed
    • Wiggling doors for those hold open door closers
    • Loud noise operation for hold open door closers

Day or night,  A+ Doors NYC mobile emergency door repair and installation NYC is consistently ready to serve you. We are just one call away from fixing, adjusting, or installing your door closers.

High-quality services

A+ Doors NYC offers world-class door repair and installation NYC services for residential and business establishments. To guarantee satisfaction and effectiveness in our works, all our door technicians undergo a rigid workshop every day.

All our door parts, accessories, and closers have met the standards imposed by ANSI, BHMA, and ADA. It only tells us that you can greatly bank on the quality of our supplies and services.

All our friendly door technicians will never do guesswork in adjusting or fixing your problematic door closers. We shall take a sufficient amount of time to diagnose and solve the issue.

We will closely take a look at the material and size of your door frame and opening, so we can install the right door and closer to match your need and finances. A+ Doors NYC will never leave your place unless we have completed our task and exceeded your expectations.

If you are a busy person, no worries about that because we can always fit with your hectic schedule. We maintain an adaptive work attitude and on-time response to all emergency door repair and installation NYC.

A one-stop-shop for everything door closers related

Besides choosing the best material and style for your door, our customers also have a difficult time choosing what closer to install. We at  A+ Doors NYC have various supplies of door closers for business and household premises.

We will first have an onsite visit to your place, so we can have an ocular evaluation for the right door closer. Moreover, if there are other door concerns we see, our technicians can directly address it on the spot.

To ensure the highest quality of our closers, we only partner with the notable brands in the door and parts industry. These well-established brands include Yale, Falcon, Dorma, Norton, Corbin, Russwin, Sargent, CRL Jackson, S. Parker, Dor-O-Matic, Rixson, and Hagar.

All our door parts, accessories, and closers have complied with the state laws and building code to guarantee your security.  A+ Doors NYC is the industry-leading local door specialist to cater all door-related breakdowns in the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Brooklyn.

    • Overhead door closers: Our technicians will install or fix your overhead closers in a timely and accurate manner. This type is the most common choice for residential and commercial space because it is easy to use and affordable.
    • Surface Mounted: This closer style is highly versatile for the interior doors of your residence, office, store, and apartment. This type is often installed on top of your door. It comes at an affordable price, thus, a go-to choice among households, landlords, and enterprises.
    • Concealed door closers: These types are very similar with the regular surface mount closers, yet it is installed in an inconspicuous area of your door. Most closers of this type are installed within the door frame.
    • Floor door closers: If the doors in your store or office are heavily used, then this type of closer is the best fit. Floor closers come at a higher installation cost compared to surface mounted and concealed closers. However, when you want a heavy-duty door closer for your high-traffic door, then this is the best choice.
    • Floor spring closer: Do you have a glass or aluminum door in your home or store? In that case, a floor spring closer would suit the best for these types of fragile doors. If you want to have it concealed, our technicians can select an appropriate design and color to match your door and door frame.
    • Regular Arm Closer: This closer style has its body mounted on the pull side of the door. The body of the door closer is installed in the door’s face, while the regular arm is attached at the door frame. When the door is closed, the closer arm is at right angles with the door frame. Regular arm closer allows your door to open 180-degree at a maximum.
    • Parallel Arm Closer: In contrast, this closer type has its body attached on the push side of the door. The parallel arm is still attached to the door frame side. When it is closed, the closer arm is parallel with the door frame and door itself. It also allows your door to open at a maximum angle of 180 degrees. Below are the subtypes of parallel arm closers.
        • Heavy-duty rigid arm
        • Stop arm
        • Stop and hold open arm
        • Hold open arm
    • Top Jamb closer: This closer type works the same way as the regular arm closer. Its main use is for fragile doors made of glass or aluminum. Our technicians can efficiently and safely install or fix top jamb closers for your interior and exterior doors.

Repair, adjustment, or installation of door closers is a challenging task for beginners. If you are not confident of doing it, better call us A+ Doors NYC . Our technicians are licensed and bonded to perform all sorts of repair and installation of door closers, door parts, and accessories.

In our daily and monthly training, we educate and train our door professionals for the different mechanisms of a closer. If it is a manual closer, then it uses a torsion spring. The torsion spring compresses and expands during its operation. There is a spring or hydraulic damper which controls the speed of the spring as it closes back the door.

In contrast, an automatic door closer is highly electronic and is controlled by a press of a button. Some automatic door closers in shopping malls and offices have motion sensors to initiate its action of closing or opening the door. These types are quite helpful for those people with disabilities since there is no need to push or pull the door.

24/7 Emergency Services

Regardless of what door closer the style you have, there will be unexpected downturns in its mechanism. We at  A+ Doors NYC understand your need for a reliable 24/7 emergency door repair and installation NYC.

It is never easy to climb up and down the stairs to check the problem of your door closer. A professional door tech is fully equipped with the proper tools and skills to determine the cause of the malfunction and how to fix it.

If your existing door closers are beyond its repairable state, then we have an array of supplies in our van for replacement. Our seasoned door professionals will explain all the features, pros, and cons for each door closer. 

We will use our expertise and experience to effectively match the right door closer to your door frame and door material. Ensuring your door closer is of top-quality is important because of the following reasons:

    • Enhances the curb appeal of your door
    • Prevents fire and smoke from entering or leaving the room
    • Better security level against burglars
    • Thermal insulation

Our mobile door repair and installation NYC is always on standby to quickly respond to your door closer problems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. A+ Doors NYC offers impeccable repair, adjustment, and installation of the best door closer style for residential and commercial premises in NYC.

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If you want to learn more about our door repair and installation NYC, get in touch with us today. To ask for a free estimate or booking appointments, you can directly call our hotline for a faster response.

We are highly responsive and will arrive at your place in 30 minutes or less. Our combination of experience and training guarantees the effective repair of your broken door closers.

A+ Doors NYC is your all-around door closer and door repair service provider in the area. Call now so you can experience our affordable and professional door closer repair and installation service.