Handicap Doors Repair

A+ Doors NYC has a solid authority when it comes to your repair, maintenance, and installation of handicap doors in New York. We have been in the industry for many years and have successfully pleased our customers beyond their expectations.

If you need a local door repair and installation NYC service provider, we can satisfactorily fill that position. We have several prefabs and semi-custom doors for your residence and commercial establishments. Moreover, we can fully customize your residential or commercial handicap door according to your preference and budget.

What is a Handicap Door

This door type is ergonomically designed to be energy-efficient and easy to use for people with disabilities and the elderly. Nevertheless, parents carrying a stroller and many boxes or luggage can use the handicap door for easy passage.

Handicap doors operate smoothly and quietly that you can activate using a push-button or wall switch to tap. Our seasoned door technicians can install a wired or wireless handicap door in your home and business buildings in New York.

If you want controlled access to these doors, then we can install a keycard access system for it. All the handicap doors we install for our clients have complied with the regulations of Americans with Disabilities Act of 1999 (ADA).

All finishes and styles of doors we install are cost-efficient and do not entail so many changes with your existing structures. Contact us today for booking appointments; so we can fix or install the right handicap door for you.

What is Handicap Door used for

You can install these doors as your alternative main entry and exit doors for your homes and offices. Nonetheless, you can also use handicap doors in your washroom and conference rooms. There are no limitations as to how many of this door type you can install inside your premises.

Our licensed and bonded door specialists will help you in the entire process, starting from the selection process down to installing the handicap door. We also offer affordable packages for the maintenance and repair of your door in New York.

We can install different door parts and accessories on your handicap door to maximize its functionality while looking modern. Typically, we install panic bars for this door type to facilitate smooth door movement.

A+ Doors NYC is an authority when it comes to installing various door types, that include handicapped doors. We can fix and put up a manual or automatic of this door type in your commercial building and residence.

Expert Solutions

We take pride in the accuracy of how our door experts fix all sorts of door concerns. Our door associates never do guesswork. We observe and inspect your doors first, before applying the best solution. A+ Doors NYC has the best line of door techs that have a solid experience and training in all interior and exterior door styles, including handicap doors.

Apart from that, we consider these parts and factors upon fixing or installing a handicap door in your place.

    • We install latches, locks, handles, and pulls that are easy to grasp or hold by the user.
    • The top three door mechanisms we install for this door type include push-door, lever-door operation, and U-shaped door handles.
    • Sliding doors where the handle is visible and usable on both sides
    • We install the door handle not more than 48 inches above the bottom section of the door.

If you have a squeaky or sticking door out there, you can readily tap on our door technicians by calling our hotline anytime. A+ Doors NYC is highly available on around the clock basis for your door repair and installation concerns in New York.


We relentlessly orient our door specialists about good work ethics and the highest standards in fixing any technical problems with the hardware and lock mechanism of your doors. A+ Doors NYC highly invest in the improvement of our human resource to deliver 100% accurate works in bringing your handicap doors back in operation.

There will be fewer changes with your existing structure if we are to install this door type in your office, clinic, malls, and residence in New York. All handicap doors we install in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn are efficient in both cost and energy aspects.

All handicap doors we will install for you have complied with the requirements stipulated by ADA. Some of these standards include the following:

    • Door width must be 32” to 48”
    • Doorstop angle must be 90 degrees
    • Door projections will not be lower than 34 inches above the ground or door base
    • Energy-efficient door handles
    • If there are thresholds in your doorway, then it must not exceed 3/4 inch (height) for the other door

For your reputable and professional handicap door repair NYC services, contact us A+ Doors NYC.

Competitive rates

Our finance and operations team have done extensive negotiations with our suppliers in giving us discounts and rebates. We are doing this, so we can provide more economical services and products to our prospective customers in New York.

A+ Doors NYC offers you a wide option of budget-friendly packages for fixing and installing doors in your place. No matter what kind of specifications you like for your handicap doors, our trained door technicians will provide them for you at your convenience.

We understand the importance of having the right door that suits your need and finances, so we are here to be your best door repair and installation company.

24/7 Emergency Services
It is a great headache if your handicap door won’t function all of a sudden, right? How much more if it happens nighttime. For this matter, we have decided to offer our door repair and installation beyond the normal eight hours of work. Day or night, you can have access to our mobile van service at just one phone call. Our mobile door technicians will be there in your location in 30 minutes or less after the service call. We are always on-time and even ahead of it in most circumstances. A+ Doors NYC values your time and satisfaction, so keep a close guard with our time. For your most dependable and on-time emergency handicap door repair and installation in New York, call us A+ Door NYC.