Emergency Doors Repair

For every commercial building in New York, it is a must to have a specific number of emergency exit doors as recommended by your local building code. It is also critical that these special and standard doors are kept well-maintained and operational at all times.

If suddenly your emergency doors are broken or malfunctioning, it is best to call a door repair and installation NYC service. Fortunately, you can rely on us A+ Doors NYC as your most responsive emergency door repair service NYC.

We are around the clock available in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. Just call our hotline today.

What it Emergency Door

These are exit doors which provide a safe alternative exit path in case of a calamity or fire strikes the building or any infrastructure. It can either be just a standard or special exit door; that is accurately installed and maintained by a professional door repair and installation company.

We install at least three types of emergency doors that include fire-rated doors, exit doors, and path of travel doors. Nonetheless, we can always customize your emergency doors in compliance with your building code.

  • Fireproof doors

These doors are produced from durable materials that can effectively resist combustion for a couple of minutes. We repair and install various types of fire rated doors such as FD20, FD30, FD60, and FD90.

The common types we install in most business structures in New York are FD30 and FD90. The former can resist getting burned for a maximum of 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the latter can last up to 90 minutes before it starts to light up.

  • Exit doors

These are the popular types we install in commercial centers and shopping malls. You can quickly identify this one because it has the “Exit” signage. In general, an exit door must lead to a fire rated tunnel or staircase, so that you can have a safe passage away from the building.

  • Path of travel doors

This is not a literal emergency door, but it leads to a fireproof or exit door in a building.

A+ Doors NYC is an authority when it comes to the repair and installation of your emergency doors in New York. We strictly follow your building code before we do anything with your interior and exterior doors.

All the doors we install for your emergency exit have passed the standards of OSHA and ADA. This guarantees its energy efficiency and ease of operation, particularly beneficial for the elderly and people with disabilities.

What is Emergency Door used for

These door types are designed to provide a safe exit pathway for the people in case fire or any calamity hits the building or any structure in the area. Emergency doors usually lead people to a safe and open area that is away from any danger.

Our seasoned door technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable with the required door specifications and proper installation process. All the materials we used for your exit doors are high-quality with impressive resistance against fire.

Emergency doors are present in all infrastructures in New York, which include shopping malls, commercial buildings, shops, health centers, bars, schools, hospitals, and more. If you need a dependable local door repair team to fix your broken emergency exit door, you can immediately call us.

Top-notch services

A+ Doors NYC has built our name from the ground up. We made sure to meet your needs and satisfaction to guarantee our success. All our door techs have sufficient training and experience to tackle various concerns with your exit doors. These problems can happen in all its parts that include hinges, pivots, lock mechanisms, latches, panic bars, auto-locking mechanism, remote control, and more.

We follow strict protocols when we install emergency exit doors in New York. These are some of the things we consider upon installing the right exit door for you:

  • Clear signage for the directing people towards the emergency exit
  • Pulling or pushing the exit door must be friendly to the elderly and people with disabilities
  • These doors can be nudged in case you are carrying an unconscious person
  • There must be a crash bar installed in case people will panic and rush to the exit door
  • Door parts and handles must be resilient to fire
  • Lock mechanism must not be keyed from the inside

If you need immediate assistance with your malfunctioning emergency exits, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be there in 15 to 30 minutes.

Licensed, bonded, and insured technicians

To ensure your safety and satisfaction, we always recommend that you hire technicians with a license and insurance to fix your doors. Fortunately, all our door associates in A+ Doors NYC have the license and insurance to perform multitudes of tasks for the repair and maintenance of your doors and gates.

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Immediate response

A+ Doors NYC understands how important it is to keep your emergency exits functional at all times. In case a fire occurs, all emergency fire exits are usable, or else the people inside will suffer. It is one essential reason why we provide a quick response for emergency door repair and installation circumstances.

Our door repair and installation service cover the area of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. We are around the clock available and alive to serve you. Once we receive your call, we will send one or two of our best door techs to settle your concern.

Competitive rates

Aside from professional service, A+ Doors NYC never price expensively. Why? Because we prioritize your safety and welfare more than profit. Our finance team has made strategic pricing plans to make all our door repair and installation services affordable and fair for you.

You can avail of our budget-friendly repair and maintenance packages in New York. Immediately call our hotline to know more about our best deals and offers. Call Now.