Regular Arm door closers

Your regular arm door closers help ensure your lucrative doors never slam when closing. If you experience some problems with your door closers in NYC, A+ Doors NYC is your most reliable local door repairman.

We are 24 hours and 7 days a week available anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Just one call and our mobile emergency team will be there in your building, house, or apartment to fix or install your new regular arm door closers.

Likewise, you can avail of our free online estimate with zero fees and obligation for you to avail of our door repair and installation NYC service.

What is a Regular Arm door closer?

A regular arm door closer is a subtype of surface mounted door closer. These door closer styles are installed on the pull or hinge side of your doors. The closer body is mounted on the door face, that is, oftentimes at the top-most section.

Whereas, its closer arm is mounted on the door frame and allows your door to open at a maximum of 180-degree angle. When your door is closed, its closer arm is at a right angle with the door frame and face.

Our door technicians are well-trained in installing and fixing regular arm closers for homes and commercial establishments. With our experience and proper training, we can guarantee 100% effective mounting and fixing your door closer.

We also have tons of stylish and quality regular arm closers in our inventory that can perfectly match your door’s beauty. Meanwhile, below is an added discussion on the two main kinds of arm closers in the market.

Arm closer types:

  • Regular arm

The design of a regular arm offers better durability when it comes to heavy door usage, making it an excellent choice for public business establishments. Its 90-degree closer arm provides a more effective and stronger force for properly closing your door.

There are also plenty of accessories to buy for your regular arm closer such as the shoe. This accessory can seamlessly allow us to convert your regular arm to a parallel arm door closer.

If you want a slight variation from a regular arm closer, then we can install a friction hold open closer. A+ Doors NYC can be your best partner in giving you the best door and closer for your house, apartment, and business offices.

  • Parallel Arm

If you want a less visible arm closer, then we can mount a parallel arm closer in your door. Unlike the regular arm which is installed on the pull side, this one has its closer body attached on the push side.

It is less noticeable because its closer arm folds in which makes it parallel with the door frame. Similar to a regular arm closer, it also allows your door to travel open at a maximum of 180 degrees.

Do you want a variation from your parallel arm closer? We have four different parallel arm closer that you might like for your doors. These variations are heavy-duty rigid arm, hold-open arm, stop arm and stop and hold open arm.

Both regular and parallel arms can have a different finish, like chrome-plated, aluminum, or brass finish. Our door experts will help you pick the right style and finish that suits your door style.

We offer an effective & inexpensive arm door closers installation and repairs

A+ Doors NYC feels your need for a world-class door closer repair and installation service in NYC without breaking a bank. This motivated us to make strategic pricing to reduce our cost without compromising the quality of your products and services.

We have made a huge effort in negotiating with our popular door and closer suppliers to give us substantial discounts, so we can offer budget-friendly rates for you. Moreover, to ensure effectiveness in fixing or installing your door closers, all our door associates train every day.

We never do guesswork in resolving your door and closer issues because it can compromise the security of your homes and business establishments. Below are some of the common issues we solve in NYC.

  • Door closers are improperly installed
  • Adjustments needed for the latch and backcheck of your door closers
  • Misalignment of your doors
  • Damaged door frame
  • Noisy door operation
  • Door seals and gaps are worn out
  • Broken door closer
  • Loose closer arm

No matter what kind of problem pops out from your doors and closers, A+ Doors NYC is here for you 24/7. We service all areas of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn for your door closer repair and installation requirements.

Our licensed and bonded door professionals will meticulously examine your regular and parallel arm door closers to diagnose the cause of its malfunction. We will check its latch speed, back check, closer arm, spring, seals, and body.

Call us today, and we will be there in your place in 15 to 30 minutes.

Quality 24/7 service

There was a time when we received a call in the middle of the night, asking if we can repair their parallel arm closer. This event moved us to have our door and closer repair and installation service available at around the clock.

Mondays to Sundays, you can call us anytime for your urgent need of professional assistance in fixing or mounting a new door closer to your premises. A+ Doors NYC will make sure you receive the best solution for your problematic doors and door closers.

We pride ourselves in providing timely service

A+ Doors NYC is never late in all our appointments and emergency calls. In case of an emergency, our mobile team will be there in your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. We are consistently ahead of all our scheduled time anywhere in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Our on-time door closer repair and installation service have made all our clients happy and satisfied. Call us today for your door closer requirements.

All our door closers have passed the standards of ADA and ANSI/BHMA. We only install the right regular arm closer that meets as well with your building codes.

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