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A+ Doors NYC is your most reliable and highly responsive door repair and installation NYC in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. We fix and install various styles and materials of doors for your house, apartment, retail stores, offices, and buildings.

Alongside this, we are also your most reliable partner when it comes to fixing and installing floor closers for your workplace and stores in NYC. Installing your most durable and efficient floor closers does not have to be expensive, especially when you hire us for the task.

You can avail of our free online estimate without obligations and fees, to see how cost-efficient we are in this industry. For booking appointments, you can make a short call anytime.

What are Floor Closers?

Floor door spring closers are usually installed at the foot or base of your glass doors. This is a good choice when your door is frequently used on most days of the year. It helps the smooth opening and closing of your doors without putting great stress on the pivots and hinges.

Our technicians will mount it in an inconspicuous area at the base of your door. Oftentimes, we mount it on a cement case and then covered by a steel cover plate to have a sleek appearance.

The strength of this closer will depend on the spring size used, where it ranges from size #1 to #6. Our licensed and bonded door specialists will be the one to evaluate what spring size is most suitable for your door usage.

Choosing the appropriate floor closer is a cumbersome task, especially if you are not into these technical things. Thus, it is great to rely on professional door repair and installation of NYC services for these scenarios.

Below are some of the important considerations you need to have before installing a door closer:

    • Which door are you installing it?: For interior doors, you can use less powerful door closers like the concealed door closers. Meanwhile, strong and durable closers must be mounted on your exterior doors, since it is the one exposed to burglars and intruders.
    • Weight and Dimension of your doors: Our technicians will inspect your door and match a suitable closer to compensate with its weight and size. The spring size will also change for this one, larger spring size for heavier doors.
    • The Frequency of Closing/Opening Doors: This is related to the grade of the door closer we are going to install. In general, there are three grades (1, 2, and 3) for all types of door closers. Our seasoned door experts will install the suitable grade for the floor closer we are going to install in your doors.
        • Grade 1: 60% efficient good for 2,000,000 cycles
        • Grade 2: 60% efficient good for 1,000,000 cycles
        • Grade 3: 50% efficient good for 500,000 cycles
    • Aesthetics: Aside from functionality and strength, we will install a floor closer that match the appeal of your door face and door frames. We have various stocks of floor closers in our van and warehouse for you to choose from. Don’t worry, as our door specialists will assist you in finding the right finish and style that can lift the curb appeal of your office and home.

Advantages of floor closers

There is always something unique and advantageous about floor closers, which makes it a good choice among our clients. Below are the best benefits to reap off from installing floor spring closers into your stylish doors.

  • Increases Curb Appeal

It has a sleek and stylish appearance compared to other door closer types. We typically insert them inside the floor in a cement case for better concealment. Then, we cover that with a metal plate, either made from stainless steel or aluminum, for better appearance and protection from corrosion.

  • Easy Installation

Hiring our professional door technicians will guarantee the accurate and seamless installation of your floor closers. Embedding the floor closer into the floor only requires a shallow depth, which can be efficiently done by our staff.

Likewise, we have different styles, finish, and grades of floor closers that can pair up with your interior and exterior door specs.

  • Adaptive Design

Whether you have a single or double action door, A+ Doors NYC has several stocks of floor closers for you. We shall carefully inspect your door specs and see what type of floor spring closer suits best for it.

All our floor closers come from the most prominent and reliable manufacturers in the market. We have greatly negotiated with their price and warranty service, to make it more budget-friendly on your end.

  • Cost-Effective Service

With the technical assistance from our door experts, you are 100% guaranteed of getting the best floor spring closer for your doors. These closers we are mounting on your floors are made from high-quality metal with great resistance against corrosion and other natural elements.

Moreover, we also offer affordable annual maintenance packages for your doors and closers. A+ Doors NYC is your one-stop-shop door closer to repair and installation NYC. If you want to know more about our full collection of mechanical and hydraulic door closers, get in touch with us anytime.

We provide Floor Closers Installation and repair

A+ Doors NYC is one of the industry-leading local door and closer repair and installation companies in NYC. We never do guesswork in our works. Our highly trained, licensed, and bonded door techs will help you in installing the appropriate floor closer that meets your building codes and budget.

Before mounting floor closers in your doors, we make sure it complies with the standards of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A+ Doors NYC also installs doors and accessories which passed the standards of ADA and OSHA.

Our seasoned door experts will carefully look into the various aspects of your door closers to ensure it will be working properly. These factors include closing speed, latch speed, and backswing requirements.

For your most trustworthy local door closer installer, A+ Doors NYC is here for you 24/7. Call now for booking appointments.

24H emergency services

Day or night, break down with your floor closers can happen at the most unexpected moments. The situation becomes more frustrating when your floor closer is broken in the middle of the night.

There is no need to panic, as A+ Doors NYC operates at round the clock basis. We are relentless in providing technical installation services for all types of door closers in NYC. You can directly avail of our service by calling our hotline.

We will be there in your location in 15 to 30 minutes. Get your free estimate online by filling out our form.

Competitive rates

Despite our professional door and closer repair and installation NYC services, we are never expensive. We have made careful pricing strategies to give you the best deals for our services.

Avail our free online estimate at zero cost and obligations. Booking your appointments are done by calling our hotline. Onsite inspection and quotation will come at a nominal fee, which can be waived when you hire us for the job.

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