Multitude door hinges

You can never discount the contribution of Multitude door hinges for the security and curb appeal of your doors. If you are having a difficult time choosing the best door hinge for your doors, cabinet doors, and furniture; then A+ Doors NYC is here for you.

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What are the Multitude door hinges?

Oftentimes, most of our clients are confused about what hinge style to use because of the many options available. Worry not, as our trained and knowledgeable door associates are going to help you out. Likewise, we are bringing lots of varied hinge styles to suit your needs.

You have the interior door hinges for the internal doors of your residential and commercial properties. Meanwhile, exterior door hinges are designed for your heavy and wide gates and exterior doors. Then we have a different type, that is, the Multitude door hinges.

These types have a wide range of styles and sizes to suit different applications. We can help you choose the right hinge style for your cabinet doors, small surfaces, furniture, and other door styles.

Types of Multitude door hinges

  • Concealed Hinge

This hinge style is intended to stay hidden from the observer so that you can show off the beauty of your doors. There are two types of concealed hinges: pivot and bracket hinges.

This type is commonly used for interior doors and cabinet doors. The hinges are mounted on a recess portion in the door so it won’t be that noticeable. It allows your door to travel at 90 degrees. Our door techs can efficiently assist in installing one for you.

  • T-Hinge

This is a short hinge with a longer leaf and got its name because it has the T-shape. Its longer leaf enables it to support larger and wider doors and gates. We have various finishes and sizes of T-hinges that you might need for your home and office.

A T-hinge is like a hybrid of strap and butt hinge. It comes with countersunk holes, and we usually screw it to wooden and steel frames. These hinge types are a great choice for garage doors and gates.

These hinge styles also add a unique elegance to the existing appeal of your interior and exterior doors. If you need a high-quality T-hinge, you can surely bank on us. It can be made from stainless steel, cast iron, high-quality marine steel, and galvanized iron.

  • Ornamental Hinge

These hinge styles have stunning looks that spruce the pristine appearance of your cabinet doors and furniture. We have ornamental hinges made from solid brass and iron with varying sizes. Our variety of styles and colors will put a fresher look to your cabinet doors and furniture.

You will only use this hinge style for lighter doors, and it is more on the decorative usage. Our door techs will gladly help you in installing ornamental hinges that suits your purpose.

  • Barrel Hinge

You will find barrel hinges used for cabinet doors and furniture. We usually mount these types at the base of the cabinet doors.  Its knuckle pivots allow the door to travel at 180 degrees without misalignment.

This hinge type can be made from solid brass or cast iron. We usually install this one for your woodworks, small cabinets, and furniture. Installing this type entails drilling a hole in the door and frame. After, we will slip the hinge into the holes. If it has some sets of small screws like the Soss hinge, then we will use that for better mounting.

Our door technicians also specialize in replacing barrel hinges for residential and commercial establishments.  With our experience, we can help you find the right barrel hinge for your intention.

  • Soss Hinge

We install Soss hinges by creating a small pocket or Mortise in your door and frame. This one is usually used for cabinet doors, light doors, and furniture. We have a variety of sizes and finishes (nickel, brass, stainless steel) that can match your door style.

When you want a clean line when your doors are closed, this hinge type is a good candidate. We can install Soss hinge to your countertops, desktops, and furniture with lift panels. Likewise, we have plenty of available finishes (brass, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel) for this hinge.

  • Piano Hinge/Continuous Hinge

This hinge style has a long and narrow body that can extend along your door lid’s length. It is also known as the continuous hinge. When we install this type, we are going to use multiple screws to effectively secure its long body in place.

This hinge style is frequently used to install a door panel for your toolbox, security door, locker, or the lid of your piano. The two long leaves of this hinge are conjoined in the middle with a pin made from stainless steel or brass.

Most piano hinges are made from various materials like aluminum, solid brass, and stainless steel. Some of the common sizes we offer to our clients are in between 1-1/16” to 4” width. You can rely on the stability and durability of this hinge against weather elements and the normal aging process.

Moreover, installing this hinge comes pretty simple and easy. If you like to have a variety of choices for your piano hinge, we are the right one to call to.

  • Flag Hinge

This concealed hinge style has a unique structure, for it only has one leaf and a pivot. We typically install flag hinges on PVC doors and cabinet doors. This hinge style can let your door swivel at 360 degrees.

A flag hinge is composed of a male and female sections. The male end consists of a plate and a pin, while the female end has a plate and a receiving slot for the pin. The male part can be mounted to the door, while the female part of the door frame.

Our seasoned door specialists can effectively help you replace and install flag hinges where you need it. We can install three flag hinges to your door to ensure better stability and support.

  • Take Apart Hinge

This hinge style allows you to have a quick and easy way of detachment of your door from the frame. It only has one leaf and a pin. This hinge type is usually attached to apartment doors, where the tenants can move in and out anytime.

We have various sizes and finishes to match a variety of your door styles. These hinges are made from a durable material such as stainless steel, galvanized iron, and solid brass. It can also have a nickel, brass, or stainless steel finish. Our door experts will apply the best practices and abide by the regulations imposed in your building and New York.

  • Knife Hinge

We install knife hinges on doors that move up when opening. You can see these hinge types on your toolboxes. These hinge styles have a scissor-like shape that efficiently keeps your door in place while opening and closing.

Further, this is the flat hinge that we commonly install on your cabinet doors. It can allow your cabinet door to open and lie flat on its neighboring side. We technically consider it semi-hidden because some metal parts will still be visible. The noticeable parts of this hinge are its pivot point and pin.

The installation process of a knife hinge requires us to make a small pocket or Mortise on the top or bottom edge of the door and the frame. There is a higher chance for mistakes when you do DIY installation for a knife hinge, because of the small room for error. For a more accurate option, our trained technicians can do the installation for you.

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