Metal doors repair

Do you want an alternative for your hardwood and fiberglass doors? In that case, we can offer you our prefab or customized metal doors. A+ Doors NYC is one of the leading local companies to provide detailed and affordable Metal doors repair and installation NYC.

We have mastered our craft in customizing your hollow and solid-core metal doors for the security and elegance of your commercial establishments. Our door repair and installation NYC services cover the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have your problematic metal doors to be professionally fixed by our friendly and seasoned door technicians.

What is Metal Door

Aside from fiberglass and hardwood doors, one of our best-selling door material is metal. Our metal doors are made from high-quality carbon steel or galvanized annealed steel. These metal doors can have a hollow, honeycomb, or insulated core.

It is an award-winning choice among our clients from the business sector and the homeowners due to its impressive traits:

    • Highly resilient from natural elements like moisture, water, and weather
    • Excellent strength against the heavy blunt force from burglars
    • Exudes a sleek modern accent on your storefront, office, and residence
    • Fire resistance for a maximum of three hours

Do you have a background on the classification of metal doors based on specifications? If not, then here are the basic types of metal doors we can offer for you.

    • L-series: This metal door is made from 14, 16, 18, and 20-gage carbon steel. It has noticeable seams on its side. We use a lock edge door, beveled hinge, and honeycomb core.
    • T-series: This door type has parallel features with the L-series with a higher fire rating. We use carbon steel that is 14, 16, 18, and 20 gages.
    • B-series: This one is made from hardened steel with fiberglass inserts in the stiffened area. Its seams are noticeable on the hinge section and lock edges. We use carbon steel that are 14, 16, and 18 gages.
    • CE-series: These metal doors have a more attractive appearance because of its embossed panels which mimic the design of carved wood. We use metal with parallel specifications with the L-series. These door styles can have a glass insert or dual vision for a functional attribute.

We are done with the metal specs we use for your metal doors. Now, let us move forward with the various appearances for your metal doors.

  • Flush Hollow Metal Doors

This type has the basic smooth architectural design for your hollow metal door. It has a dependable security feature against natural elements and heavy forceful blows. Most of these types have a fire-resistance of up to three hours.

  • Hollow Metal Doors with Built-in Windows

If you want to create a functional difference with your plain finish hollow metal door; then we can cut a hole through it for your window. The built-in window will allow natural light to come inside your residence.

We can insert a clear glass through the window so there’s still enough security from burglars. Likewise, we can add louvers to your doors to allow natural airflow. Some of the common variations for this hollow metal door style include the following:

  • Half-glass door
  • Full-glass door
  • Narrow lite
  • Vision lite
  • Paneled Hollow Metal Doors

This door style mimics the beauty of a wooden door with carvings. We offer various architectural designs such as eight-paneled, six-paneled, and three-paneled door style. The embossed panels create stunning appeal to your storefront, office, or residence.

  • Graintech

This hollow metal door style has the appearance of the natural wood grain with the hardness of steel. If you want to enjoy the natural earthly warmth of wood, then we can install a graintech steel door in your building and residence.

What is Metal Door used for

There are numerous applications of metal doors for your business establishments, houses, and apartments in New York. You can readily use this material for your exterior and interior doors. Its impressive strength serves best as the external door of your residence, stores, office, another infrastructure in New York. Meanwhile, if you experience any malfunction with your steel doors, then you can call us for your Metal doors repair. We guarantee accurate solutions for your sticking steel doors with our modern tools and systematic process. Contact us anytime for technical assistance in repairing your metal doors in New York.

Competitive rates

A+ Doors NYC offers fair pricing for all our door repair and installation NYC services. We have done careful negotiation with our suppliers so we can ask for a discount with all our doors and parts.

Our Metal doors repair services are priced reasonably to fit your tight budget. Use our free online estimate to get an approximate price for your door-related concerns.


We have invested huge time and effort in improving our skills and products for you. A+ Doors NYC has been servicing all door-related problems in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn for many years.

No matter what kind of door specifications you need, we can surely give it to you without delays. All our Metal doors repair and installation NYC are supported with a warranty service to guarantee your satisfaction.

Need reliable door techs for your steel door repairs? Contact us anytime.

Top-notch services

We take pride in being one of the go-to local door repair and installation NYC services. Our collections of metal doors are highly available starting from your flush hollow metal doors to graintech styles.

Once we arrive in your location, our seasoned door associates will inspect all parts and accessories of your metal doors. After diagnosing the problem, we shall apply the right solution to get your steel door back in operation.

Immediate response
Are you in a hurry to have your broken metal door back in operation again? Fortunately, you can call us A+ Doors NYC! We take pride in being the most responsive door repair and installation NYC! Our mobile van is 24/7 ready to rush in your aid in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. We will be there on your premises in 30 minutes or less. Call us today.