Concealed Door Closers

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What are Concealed doors closers?

If you think your regular arm, top jamb, and parallel arm closers are decreasing the aesthetics of your door, then you can opt for a concealed door closer. These types of door closers are one of the best-selling closers we install in residential, retail stores, offices, schools, and clinics in NYC.

We mount these closers in inconspicuous areas in your doors such as within the door frame or covered with a metal or concrete case. You can have three choices for concealed door closers:

    • Concealed overhead closers: This is a good choice for glass doors, whether swing type or sliding doors. We can help you choose a stylish one that compliments with the finish and hue of your doors and door frames.
    • Aluminum concealed overhead closers: This closer has a parallel finish with your aluminum doors that enhances its camouflage effect. We have plenty of stocks of aluminum closers in our van and warehouse. Our trained door professionals shall accurately and effectively install your concealed overhead door closers.

The main benefit of installing a concealed door closer will be exuding a sleek appeal on your stylish doors. It still works the same way as a regular overhead or top jamb closer, but it is hidden from the guests’ view.

When you want a concealed door closer installed in your home or office, we would highly recommend that in your interior doors. Why? Because most of these closer types are engineered for light to medium door usage.

For further details about our door closer installation and repair NYC services, you can contact us anytime. Our door professionals have undergone rigid training to ensure we are competent and reliable for installing, fixing, or maintaining your door closers.

All our doors and accessories have complied with your building code, OSHA, and ADA. A+ Doors NYC will help you choose and install the right style and specs of concealed door closers in your establishment.

We provide Concealed Door Closers Installation and repair

All of our clients were very satisfied with our door closer installation and repair services in NYC. They were satisfied because we never do guesswork in our work. All our practices uphold the highest standards in this industry.

Before we finally install the right concealed door closer, our door specialists will inspect the material and specifications of your doors and frames. We need to do this so that there will be zero errors in our measurement and mounting process.

We also have to consider the type of mechanism appropriate for your doors. This means are your concealed door closers going to be spring or hydraulic-driven? If you want less intricate maintenance, then closer with torsion spring is ideal. In contrast, hydraulic door closers are much stronger and durable, despite its higher maintenance requirements.

A+ Doors NYC also guarantees that the door closers we are mounting within your door frames have complied with ADA and your building code. A quality door closer will have a smooth operation for closing and opening your doors, regardless of the door traffic.

Our well-trained, licensed, and insured door experts install various door closers which include the following:

    • Automatic door closers
    • Concealed door closers inside the door frame
    • Standard door closers
    • Door closers with a cover case
    • Floor door closers
    • Top jamb
    • Regular and parallel arm
    • Surface-mounted closers
    • Overhead closers

Get in touch with us anytime if you need assistance for your concealed door closer installation and repairs.

24H emergency services

Unpredictable problems can occur even to your most expensive door closer. These sudden breakdowns happen due to a lack of proper maintenance or normal wear and tear.

Either way, you still need reliable assistance from door professionals in fixing or installing brand new closers in your doors. A+ Doors NYC is the most responsive 24/7 emergency door repair and installation NYC company in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Our mobile van is on standby, simply waiting for your call, in case you need a quick professional solution for your door closer concerns. We are highly adaptive and knowledgeable to fix or install different types of concealed door closers.

Our licensed and insured door experts are fully loaded with modern tools and supplies to effectively resolve your door closer issues. We shall take sufficient time to accurately diagnose the situation and apply the best solution.

All our door products and services are backed with a warranty service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today for your appointments.

Competitive rates

Our door closer repair and installation NYC services are also offered at a fair price that is light on your wallet. Even when you call us on a weekend or holiday, our services will never be expensive.

A+ Doors NYC has purposely done this to help you readily avail our top-notch door closer repair and installation NYC at an affordable cost. Your safety and welfare is our top priority.

You can avail of our free online estimate without any fee or obligation.

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