Parallel Arm closers

A+ Doors NYC is your one-stop-shop door and closer repair and installation service in New York City. We install a variety of parallel arm closers that has a complimentary style and finish to your doors.

Our seasoned door technicians can adjust the speed and specifications of your parallel arm closer to match your door’s weight and how many times it is opened and closed in a day. This will help you build confidence in the functionality and durability of your parallel arm door closer.

Call us anytime if you need a local door repair and installation in NYC near you. We will find the best door closer that meets your needs and budget.

What is a Parallel Arm door closer?

Compared to the other two types of surface mounted door closers, a parallel arm closer exudes the sleekest and most appealing style. Its closer arm does not protrude perpendicularly with the door frame and door rail when the door is in a closed position.

Unlike the regular arm closer, this one is mounted on the push side of the door. It is attached at the topmost rail of your door, thus, it is less prone to vandalism and abuse. Like the top jamb and regular arm closer, this one also allows your door to open at 180 degrees maximum angle.

Further, we have the four main types of parallel arm closer: heavy-duty rigid arm closer, Hold Open Arm, Stop Arm; and Stop and Hold Open Arm Closer. All the door closers we are installing in New York have passed the standards of ANSI/BHMA and ADA.

The main setback of a parallel arm door closer will be its lesser power compared to the other two surfaces mounted door closers. Typically, its strength is 25% less compared to the top jamb and regular arm closers.

If you need a professional to fix or install brand new parallel arm closers in your home, clinic, store, or office, A+ Doors NYC is the right one to call. We are never late in all our appointments and emergency calls. Expect our mobile team of door experts to be there on your premises in 30 minutes or less.

We repair and install Parallel Arm door closers

Fixing or installing new door closers in New York is a challenging task that only licensed and bonded door technicians are willing to undertake. Our door specialists are highly trained to perform all sorts of repair and installation of parallel arm closer and doors in NYC.

To ensure quality and compliance, there will be instances where we have to talk to your building engineer or manager regarding the building code in your premises. There are strict and unique regulations imposed in New York infrastructures that are not included in your city and state regulations. We need to know them so that we are doing the right thing on our first visit.

Our licensed and bonded door experts will also consider your door’s weight and how many times it is used in a day. If your door is heavy and frequently used in a day, then we will be installing a Grade 1 parallel arm closer. This type of door closer has 60% efficiency and can live up to 2,000,000 cycles of door closing and opening.

Meanwhile, if your doors are light and less frequently used, then we will be installing a Grade 3 parallel arm closer. This door closer type has 50% efficiency with the functional life of 500,000 cycles.

Our job does not end in choosing the best style and finish of parallel arm closer, for we also need to consider durability, functionality, and price. We offer top-notch door and closer fixing and installation services in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

24/7 service

No matter how stylish and expensive your parallel arm closer, it will surely come to its end of life or breaking point. This state is further hastened when you do not have regular maintenance and check up on your doors and closers.

We have felt the need to extend our door closer to repair and installation service beyond the normal business hours. We at A+ Doors NYC are offering our world-class services at around the clock!

From Mondays to Sundays, you can readily avail of our technical assistance by calling our hotline anytime! We have multiple mobile local door techs around New York that shall immediately tackle your door closer concerns.

All our products and services are backed with a warranty service to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We resolve plenty of door and closer problems which include but are not limited to the following:

    • Door misalignment
    • Installing incorrect door closers
    • Damaged door frames
    • Loose door closer arm
    • Re-sealing of gaps
    • Adjustment of door closer latch speed and backcheck requirements

We are 24/7 ready and equipped with the modern tools and high-quality stocks of parallel arm closers for you. If you need fast assistance with your broken parallel arm closer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Professional locksmiths

A+ Doors NYC is one of the leading professional local door repair and installation companies in New York. We have been operating for more than a decade in all areas of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

We have a team of friendly and experienced personnel that shall take care of your needs for adjusting, fixing, or installing brand new parallel arm closers in your doors. All our door closers have passed the quality standards of ADA, ANSI, and BHMA. Likewise, we also comply with New York’s building code and restrictions.

Contact us

If you need to ask any questions regarding parallel arm closers and other door closer types, do not hesitate to contact us. You can fill out our free online estimate form without any payments and obligations.

For scheduling appointments, you can do that by calling our hotline at any hour of the day. A+ Doors NYC offers budget-friendly rates for all your door and closer fixing and installation requirements in New York.