Residential Door Repair & Installation NYC

A+ Doors NYC   will guarantee that the specs you want for your doors are met. We are one of the leading residential door repair and installation NYC service providers for many years. The areas we usually cover include Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

If you want to get rid of DIY door repairs and installation, then you can rely on us anytime. Just give us a quick call.

Installation, repair, and replacement of residential doors

When was the last time you had the doors in your home maintained and checked? Are you experiencing stuck doors? How about the noisy ones every time you open and close it? These are just some of the common concerns we receive from our clients.

A+ Doors NYC  specialize in all types of residential doors made from different materials such as hardwood, glass, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. The interior and exterior doors in your house and apartment must never be undermined. Why? Because it lifts the curb appeal of your home while providing a strong defense against intruders and burglars.

Our licensed and bonded door experts will thoroughly inspect the problem of your doors. Once we figure out the culprit, we are going to repair or replace the broken part. Our technicians will inspect all movable and stationary parts of your door to ensure we have never left a stone unturned.

  • Repairing Residential Doors

Our seasoned door specialists shall meticulously evaluate the condition of your problematic door to accurately determine the cause of the concern. We have different tools and supplies in our van, so we can immediately resolve your door-related dilemmas in our first visit.

  • Repair or Replace Door Parts

A door has various essential parts that include the hinges, pivots, door handles, door frames, door closers, and lock mechanism. Our friendly door technicians will inspect all these parts one by one so that we can pinpoint the root cause of your door problem.

If the broken part is beyond repair, then our technicians shall make a parallel or better replacement. All our door parts come with limited warranty service for better customer satisfaction.

  • Residential Door Installation

Our team of door experts has wide expertise when it comes to installation different styles and materials of doors. Before we make any move, we will listen to your need so that we can better understand and decide the best residential door for you.

  • Interior Doors: Our door specialists can fully take on your dream house doors. These doors can be made from solid wood, MDF, hollow core, and glass, solid core, and more. The most popular styles requested by our clients are the hinged doors, sliding, pocket, bypass, foldable, Dutch doors, pivot doors, French doors, and barn doors. Our door techs will give you the most suitable door style that works best for you.
  • Exterior Doors: These doors are the ones visible to your guests and neighbors. With that, it needs to be stylish and durable to resist arm-strong action from burglars. The best materials we can have for your exterior doors are hardwood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl.
  • Manual or Automatic Residential Doors: The choice of installing an automatic or manual door will rest on you and your target budget for the new door. An automatic door will save you from the hassle of opening and closing your doors. However, manual doors are way economical than the former while still giving you the best function.
  • Crack Wooden Doors Repaired

Our technicians are also well-versed in repairing small and large cracks in your hardwood doors. Apart from that, we can also upgrade the hardware and coatings of your wooden doors.

Highly trained and experienced experts

We at A+ Doors NYC  place great emphasis on our human resources because they are at the forefront of our door repair and installation NYC services. We provide our team of door technicians daily and monthly training and workshops for fixing and installing doors for houses and apartments.

Considering this, you can always assure that there will be zero guesswork in fixing or installing new doors for your house and apartment. Whether you have a sliding glass door or hinged type, our highly trained technicians can impeccably fix it in our first visit.

We will invest enough time to carefully check, maintain, and repair your malfunctioning doors.   A+ Doors NYC is one of the most trusted local residential door repair and installation NYC services in the area.

Many years of experience

Truth to be told, we started small and continually improved our methods until we have exceeded the expectations of our customers. All our door repair and installation NYC services abide with the building code of the state. A+ Doors NYC  is greatly thankful for all the clients who trusted us in fixing and installing the lovely doors in their homes and offices.

Through the years of our existence in the industry, we have made impeccable improvements in our tools, human resources, supplies, and customer service. Despite all the hardships, it is truly worthwhile in the end. Seeing our clients happy and satisfied with our services gives genuine warmth in our hearts.

We at A+ Doors NYC consider our customers part of our family. Without you, we will never be here, and we are very thankful for your continued patronage of our door repair and installation NYC services.

We will never leave your place until we have completed our task of fixing any broken part or cracks in your door. Simply give us a short call, and our mobile team will be there in 30 minutes or less.

Installation, replacement, and repair of apartment doors

In NYC, we also receive calls from customers residing in apartments. They call because they have a problem with fully opening or closing their doors. Likewise, some of them have concerns regarding broken doors due to a break-in.

If you encounter any door-related concerns in your apartment, A+ Doors NYC is the best apartment door repair and installation service to call. We service the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

With the increasing issues about theft and burglary, you must never be too complacent with the current condition of your apartment doors. If you have not checked nor maintained your doors for a few months, now is the best time to call for a professional.

Our licensed and bonded technicians can efficiently fix, replace, and install apartment front doors, apartment interior doors, closet doors, bathroom doors, and more.

If you have a broken door in your apartment, then you will surely have some trouble getting your safety deposit. For a minimal price, our professional door repair and installation NYC will resolve all your apartment door dilemmas.

For those with an outdated apartment door, you are exposed to a higher risk of break-ins by burglars. To protect yourself and your valuables, you can call our door specialists to reinforce or update your door material, hardware, and lock mechanism.

We can install deadbolts and high-security locks to provide better security in your place. By ensuring the durability and functionality of your apartment doors, you will have a better sleep at night.

24/7 Emergency Services

The doors in your house and apartment can break down anytime, especially if you do not do periodic tune-up and maintenance on its movable parts. Your door-related problem can worsen when it happens in an untimely manner, like in the middle of the night.

If that happens, do you know who to call for help? In NYC, leaning on professionals is never a sign of weakness nor an expensive option to resolve your door concerns. For a reasonable cost, you can readily avail of A+ Doors NYC door repair and installation NYC services.

Yes, you heard that right. We offer affordable packages for our door maintenance, repair, and installation because we want you to ensure your safety. Our world-class services are available at any time and days of the week.

Calling our hotline is the best and fastest way to reach us. Our emergency mobile door repair team is on standby, simply waiting to rush in your aid. When you are hiring a door technician, always be skeptical and verify their identity. Check their licenses and proof of insurance.

A+ Doors NYC only employ the best technicians who are licensed and bonded to perform all sorts of door fixing and installation processes. With us, your door concerns are in good hands.

Contact us

You can directly reach us   A+ Doors NYC by calling our hotline. Free quotes are also given when you call. Appointments must be done one or two days before the date of visiting your place for the inspection and possible repair on the spot.

Meanwhile, if you have an emergency case for fixing or installing a new door in your house or apartment, then no appointments needed. Our mobile door repair and installation team will be there in your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.